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Daunting Dissertations No More!

Hello Everyone!
Scott asked that I create a way for all of us to communicate about our dissertations, since it is likely that we will have hoards of information that overlaps and intersects. By using this web-blog we can share files, information and advice on the dissertation process, and most importantly how to actually complete the darn thing.

So check it out, use it assist you and don't be afraid to comment and add whatever you like. The blog is through the university library, so from what I understand we can share files, which means if you want someone to read your prospectus or a chapter or two of your dissertation, this would be a great place to put it.


Thanks Alisha!

Great idea! Thanks, Alisha. If you ever get tired of little kids, you could make lots of money designing web pages and doing photo albums. :)

This is great! Thanks.