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It is refreshing to finally have Internet access after arriving in Beijing two days back. I'm at Sculpting in Time coffee shop after trying again and giving up on the Hotel for Internet access.

We're at the end of a productive Monday. We started by attempting to visit the University of Minnesota office in Beijing (OIP), Wanling Qu, but as a group had difficulties finding it. However Tom was able to find it after some searching. The rest of us hung out at Xiushui. Later, we arrived at the Beijing Film Academy photography department to meet with everyone, and everyone indeed it was - there were about 40 or so students coming to the event, consisting of most of the same 4th year students who came to visit Minnesota last December along with a large contingent of 2nd year students.

Chris Larson presented first with his 7 minute film titled Deep North, followed by his discussion of the work. This was very well received. I hope that Chris has a chance to blog about this to talk about his experience.

Then the traveling student entourage (myself included) presented serially in lecture fashion after which everyone mingled among the works hung up at the Beijing Film Academy, fielding questions and generally having a great time talking about our works, exchanging ideas.

Towards the late afternoon, several of us went with Qi Qi (formerly known as Rhea, and I'm not even sure I'm spelling any of these names correctly) to a hutong, an area of Beijing purposefully preserved in the older architectures, to walk around and absorb. Not to mention also taking a few photos.

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... from Tom's email 4/28/2010

The Beijing Now program has a blog!