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Here's a poster I presented at the Evolution 2009 symposium at the University of Nebraska-Kearney, September 2-4, 2009. The poster describes my local adaptation experiment, and results of the early summer seedling searches at my three experimental sites.

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And while I'm back visiting the field blog, here are a handful of photos from the Stipa planting at the end of the summer.






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As per a request from Daniel, here is a presentation I gave to Team Echinacea way back at the beginning of the summer. Enjoy reliving the magic!

Aphids and ants.ppt

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I received the camera today so I had to test it out since the opportunity presented itself. The picture is taken through a stereomicroscope at 45x magnification of a live amphipod from the Big Sioux River. On a qualitative stream survey, we found our water to be very clean. So the camera isn't just for live pollen anymore. School is going well. I find myself saying "protocol" instead of lab instructions sometimes. Must be a remnant from the prairie.Live amphipod (scud).jpg

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