03 July - row/position R data and csv files

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I only need 680 positions/site, because the seeds will be in between the plug points. So attached is a .doc and an R file w/ the script to create 3 sites with ~680 positions in each. I have also attached the resulting .csv file, 3 columns "site", "row", and "pos".

KG_row&pos_03 July.doc

KG_row&pos_03 July.R


Here's the breakdown:
site breakdown.xls

Next steps:

  1. Assign each new.env ids to a row and position. See file: sane3blocks.csv

  2. Create labels.

  3. Put labels on envelopes.

  4. Assign each plug to a row and position (keeping in mind that they're already randomized in the trays.)

  5. Develop planting protocol.

  6. Organize materials for planting.

  7. Mow sites.

  8. Plant.

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