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InventoryMay2011.doc An inventory of Team E's side of G-3.

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Today we started the seedling search at Steven's Approach (SAP). The wind was strong and air temperature was chilly. We searched 3 circles; in one of the circles we found 6 seedlings! We drew a map and filled in a matrix, as we have done in previous years. We also tried out the new coordinate frame.
I (Amy) have revised the protocol. Please read it and feel free to suggest ways it can be improved.
Seedling Search Protocol 2011.doc

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We designed an experiment to assess how fire affects the growth of plants. This spring we will plant about 2500 seedlings in 2500 randomly assigned locations on a 1m x 1m grid. We aim to keep track of the identity of all individuals and plant them quickly and efficiently. Here are five datasheets that will help: pathsToPlant.pdf, plantingDataSheet.csv, plugRowsPerPath.pdf, trayInfoByPseg.pdf, trayInfoByRow.pdf

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Yesterday we burned the common garden. There was a lot of fuel, since the common garden was last burned in May 2008. It was a slow, even burn.
Stuart lighting the fire, at the northeast corner of the common garden.
Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger picture.


Second photo: We doused the back fire with water, allowing the head fire to proceed west-ward across the common garden.


Third photo: View from the northeast, looking southwest. The dark green in the foreground has already burned.


Fourth photo: View from the northwest. It was a good burn!

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