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This summer, REU student Jill Gall put together a large collection of ants from prairie remnants in Minnesota. Yesterday, Stuart and I headed over to Lakeforest College to seek the advice of resident ant ecologist Sean Menke. Jill left us with two boxes of ants, which she pinned and identified to genus and separated into morphotypes:


Sean was impressed with her identification skills: she was correct in nearly every identification to genus and many of her morphotypes were consistent. He gave us some tips on what traits to look for when identifying ants. Now we have a plan for going through the rest of the collection. This will allow us to compare the species diversity of ants among prairie remnants, and hopefully pave the way for future ant research in the lab.


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Hurrah hurrah!

The flog is back and running! All the links should be working and all pages formatted nicely now!

The credit goes to John, my friend from home, who has been troubleshooting and coming up with the solutions to the problems.....super super indebted to him :)

But the flog team is not totally done that our Twitter account is up, we'll need to add a Twitter button on the flog. We'll also continue to sort entries into categories. Also note the new description of the field log (credits to Lee)!

Comments on the flog are most welcome!

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Long story. This morning, I managed to put on a Facebook like button, a search box, and a link to the Echinacea website under the Links heading; but later discovered that the Categories links and RSS feed links were not working properly (led to xml files rather than html files), but the Archives and Monthly Archives were fine. Not sure whether this was due to the addition of the Facebook like button or the search box or accidental changes to the rest of the script or due to older changes. Josh backed up the templates and then returned the templates to default settings, but the categories still weren't working. I also discovered that the formatting for the Monthly Archive pages were lost, and couldn't figure out how to restore the backup templates. To at least salvage the main page of the flog, I decided to switch to a new style (hence the change in the appearance of the flog), re-added the Facebook like button and search box and clustermap. But rest assured that the content of the flog has not been changed, just that the formatting/appearance may not look so nice right now.

So sorry for the mess-up T_T At this point, I'm not sure what else I can do. Josh suggested posting on the support forum, so I just did that. Hopefully I will be able to get some help from the forum. If anyone reading this has any idea, please do not hesitate to comment. Any help is greatly appreciated!


p/s Are people okay with the current layout? Or is the original layout better? Thanks

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The new website proposal can be found on a google doc page.

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Proposal for Facebook section of New Media Initiative.docx

Here is a proposal for a Facebook page by Callin and Amber. I think we need a logo for the Echinacea Project.

It would also be cool to put a "like box" on the website and on the flog, so people can automatically become fans of The Echinacea Project without finding it on Facebook.

I found an idea for how to do this at this site:

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Hi everyone!
Another aspect of the New Media Initiative for Summer 2011 involves thinking about how the Flog fits in with the other forms of media we'll be using (Facebook, Twitter, the website), and whether there are changes that would make the Flog more useful to readers. Here is our proposal (Written by Maria, Greg, and I):

New Media Initiative - Flog.doc

*We would like to give credit to Nicholas for some of the formatting and headings, which we copied :)

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We are hard at work preparing various proposals. One aspect we are wanting to work on include our digital presences. We have thus created our New Media Initiatives.

This is our proposal for how the Echinacea Project might utilize Twitter.

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