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Hey Everyone! Here is my final conglomerated data (mine, Andrew's and Katie's). As well as my excel file with all the extra information. I will also be posting it in my dropbox as well.

Kory Kolis Final Data.csv

Poll_Efficiancy_Data Kory Kolis 2013.xlsx

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Greg Diersen gave an oral presentation "Pollinator Collecting for the Lab and Classroom" at the Life Discovery - Doing Science Inaugural Education Conference on Mar 15-16 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

As a science teacher participant in the Echinacea project through the National Science Foundation RET program, Greg developed a lesson plan for experimentally pan-trapping pollinators to use in secondary and post-secondary biology classes. This experiment offers diverse opportunities for doing science, learning biological concepts, and understanding about our changing world.

Greg was a high-school science teacher for 16 years and is now a professor of biology at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN.

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