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Minnesota Vikings buy land for stadium

The Minnesota Vikings continued their attempts to secure a new stadium when they signed an intent to purchase agreement Wednesday, buying the land from Avista Capital Partners, the new owners of the Star Tribune. Avista Capital Partners sold land surrounding the current location of the Star Tribune to the Minnesota Vikings for an amount that has yet to be confirmed. Although sources put the amount at close to $45 million dollars, neither side would confirm it.

Zygi Wilf, owner of the Vikings, purchased the land near the Metrodome and added it to the $5 million purchase he made last month. Wilf wants to bulid a $1.6 billion retractable roof stadium to replace the Metrodome after the Vikings lease is up in 2011.

The story, covered by both the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press, has been in the news over the last few years when the Vikings first tried to secure a similar deal in Anoka County. The deal fell through and county officials blamed the Vikings, saying they refused to stop looking at the site in Minneapolis.

The coverage on both sides is fairly complete on this issue although there does seem to be a difference in attitude between the two stories. While the Star Tribune quotes those who made more positive remarks, the Pioneer Press quoted people from both sides of the story. The Pioneer Press story, therefore, sounds less biased about the deal.

Neither story answers all questions, leaving the price tag hanging with quotations from those simply referred to as "sources" who were close to the deal. This raises quite a few questions about the story and the motives behind the sources who reported the information.