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Gopher cornerback charged with rape

Dominic Jones, star Gopher cornerback, was charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct Monday after a cell phone video of the alleged incident was discovered. The video, which was uncovered by investigators after it had been deleted, showed Jones having sex with an 18-year-old woman who was physically helpless. According to the criminal complaint, the victim had a blood-alcohol content of about 0.30 percent. At that level, the ability to walk or stand is completely lost.

The charges come after the arrests of three other teammates in April who were released days later. Alex Daniels, 20, Keith Massey, 20, and E.J. Jones, 19, were arrested in April in connection with the case. They were released but still remain suspects at this time.

The complaint states that the victim and a female friend arrived at the apartment of former player Robert McField at University Village, where McField challenged the victim to a drinking contest. Daniels, Jones and Massey took turns having sex with the woman in a bedroom. She later passed out on a couch.

When McField arrived back at his apartment he saw Jones having sex with the woman while Daniels recorded the act on a cell phone. The video showed her to be unresponsive.

This investigation has been in the news since the arrest of the three men months ago. This particular story was covered by the Star Tribune and the Minnesota Daily. Both stories gave the background on the case as well as discussing the most recent developments. They also included input from the head coach, the athletic director, attorneys and other officials involved in the investigation of the case. The coverage was complete and could be understood by anyone, even someone who had not followed the story from the beginning. In the story by the Minnesota Daily, links were also included to previous stories dealing with the same investigation which can be helpful if someone wants to read about specific details along the way.