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South Dakota carries out first execution in 60 years

South Dakota carried out its first execution in 60 years Wednesday night. Elijah Page, 25, was executed by lethal injection for torturing and killing a 19-year-old acquaintance. There was little protest to the execution as the case finally came to a close.

Page along with two others tortured and then killed Chester Poage in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Page and two others had stolen electronics from Poage's home and then killed him to cover up the theft. By the time Poage's body was found, Page was in Texas and Briley Piper, another defendant, was in Alaska.

Page and Piper both pleaded guilty and were sentenced in 2001. The third man was sentenced to life in prison. Currently, Piper remains on death row along with two other men.

As Page was executed Wednesday, a small group of protestors and a small group of supporters stood outside the penitentiary. Inside, the execution went smoothly as Page was injected and died over a period of about 10 minutes.

The story was covered by the Star Tribune and Minnesota Public Radio. While there were some grammatical errors in the public radio article, both covered the story with the same amount of dignity. The stories did not attack the protestors or supports of the death penalty as has been seen in other execution articles in the past. Instead, it stated the facts and included quotations but did not give opinions or sound biased in any way. The coverage of this particular execution was well done and as complete as it should be.