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Other bridges have also collapsed

Along with the I-35W river bridge collapse, there have been three other major bridge and overpass collapses this year in the U.S.

The 35W bridge was 40 years old when it collapsed Aug. 1. The day before, an overpass in Oroville, California collapsed and crushed a delivery truck and severely injuring a construction worker who fell. In April, a section of freeway that directed traffic off the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge collapsed. A gasoline tanker had tipped over and caught fire right before the bridge collapsed.

As Minnesota and the rest of the world takes in the recent events, stories of other bridges collapsing resurface. Fox 12 in Oregon covered the story and listed the number of bridge collapses from 1980-2007. While the 35W bridge collapse is tragic, it is certainly not a new story for the world as many of them have collapsed during the past couple decades.

In dealing with the issue, the Oregon site questioned whether or not Portland would be ready if a bridge collapsed there.

A New York site covered a bridge collapse years ago that killed 10 people near Amsterdam, New York.

A similar story was also written on a website called The Age about a Montreal overpass that collapsed in 2006.

Over the past couple hours, news agencies have covered the most recent bridge collapse, those it affected as well as other similar situations that have occurred in other areas throughout the world. The coverage is all very similar, talking about the tragic situations but finding a news story that reports a solution proves rather difficult.