September 27, 2006

Sometimes I'm really organized...

...but most of the time I'm helplessly lost! I have been crazily (adverb?) scrambling to complete the powerpoint presentation that I was absolutely sure was due 9/28. Alas, it is due 10/5. Oh well, at least this time I was done with the project a week early! The alternative is not nearly as nice.

The online education community was very interesting last week. My only problem with online organizations/communities is that they tend to stray from the focus or topic. I much prefer the more disciplined discussion that occurs in person. I will probably continue to visit the site as a resource, but I don't see myself as a regular member.

September 8, 2006

Reflection on Week 1

This week I experienced two firsts: Inspiration Concept Mapping software, and creating my own blog.

Inspiration - The software was very user-friendly and easy to figure out "on the fly." It will be of great use to the students in enabling them to see the "big picture" of major projects. Often times, students learn a sub-topic without being able to connect it to other sub-topics and topics. By using a concept map, I can help students see it all.

Blog - The blog was easy to create. For some reason, I had always thought I would have to pay for blog space. I'm glad the class forced me to take the time to finally start one.

Other Thoughts - Seems like a good group of people to work with. I look forward to learning and sharing new ideas. I also learned from reading some other blogs that I am not the ONLY one who has never done this!