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April 26, 2006

Extra Credit

I participated in the Game Symposium on April 21st. Josh Berndt and I walked around campus at 8A.M. and made chalk announcements of the event at the entrances.

April 24, 2006

Eleusian Mysteries Project


Our main goal was to create a short presentation to provide the viewer with some basic background information about the myth of Demeter and Persephone and the Eleusian mysteries as well as spatial reference to the events that occured each day. We figured that this would be a good over-view for people that do not know much about the subject matter before viewing projects on more specific areas of the topic.

My partners in this project were Blia Xiong and Christie Cullington. Blia and I produced images to illustrate the myth of Demeter and Persephone as well as the daily happenings of the Eleusian mysteries. Christie created the map and the transitions. In addition, she worked in imovie to edit the presentation.

I did a lot of research on the myth of Demeter and Persephone to find out what the characters looked like and how to summarize the myth in two images. As far as research on the mysteries went, I visted many web sites trying to piece together what happened each day and where it happened. I also did a fair amount of research on the styles of clothing of the Eleusian mysteries participants.

When dividing the imagery workload, Blia and I decided that it would be best to alternate days so that the final presentation flowed more smoothly. We created one image for each day exept for the sixth day (which required two images), and I created both of the myth images. After all of our drawings were complete we made sure that the line quality was uniform. I created a Greek style border and colored it with the colors from the assigned palette. We applied this border to all of our images to create more unity. At this point, Christie took all of the images into imovie and edited the presentation.

I feel that the final product is a success. I am confident that our main goal was met. The presentation flows smoothly and the images work well together.

My Self Portrait


My research on the self-portrait project consisted of searching for creative ways to use grid lines. I decided that I would emphasize the grid lines by alternating between black and white images and color images.

I split the poster into nine 8' x 10' sections. I made the foreground image in the first section black and white and the background image colored. In the second section I did the opposite. I continued this process creating a checker board pattern using the grid lines.

I have a lot of personal connection with this project which is fitting since it is a self-portrait image. The guy in the picture is my boyfriend (and best friend) Tyson Dobe. It was important to me that Tyson was in this image because he has really helped me with my identity search. He is the only person I know that I can truly be myself around. It may seem like I feel that he is part of my identity, but the truth of the matter is that we are both extremely independent people with completely separate identities. In fact, I am a "tree-hugger" and he is a "skaterboy". I don't know about you, but I find that a little strange.

The background images are all from a road trip that we took last summer. My brother, Tyson, and I drove from Duluth, Minnesota to Long Beach, California and back in 5 days. We were in California for a day, in which time Tyson and I both got a tattoo. The Chinese character (meaning "ambition") in my project is my tattoo and the eagle is Tyson's tattoo.

As far as the snowboarding images go, what can I say, snowboarding is a great escape. I have a tendency to get a little stressed at times because I am taking 19 credits and I have 2 jobs. When we go snowboarding I can forget all of my worries and just be myself.

I am pleased with the final product.