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My Self Portrait


My research on the self-portrait project consisted of searching for creative ways to use grid lines. I decided that I would emphasize the grid lines by alternating between black and white images and color images.

I split the poster into nine 8' x 10' sections. I made the foreground image in the first section black and white and the background image colored. In the second section I did the opposite. I continued this process creating a checker board pattern using the grid lines.

I have a lot of personal connection with this project which is fitting since it is a self-portrait image. The guy in the picture is my boyfriend (and best friend) Tyson Dobe. It was important to me that Tyson was in this image because he has really helped me with my identity search. He is the only person I know that I can truly be myself around. It may seem like I feel that he is part of my identity, but the truth of the matter is that we are both extremely independent people with completely separate identities. In fact, I am a "tree-hugger" and he is a "skaterboy". I don't know about you, but I find that a little strange.

The background images are all from a road trip that we took last summer. My brother, Tyson, and I drove from Duluth, Minnesota to Long Beach, California and back in 5 days. We were in California for a day, in which time Tyson and I both got a tattoo. The Chinese character (meaning "ambition") in my project is my tattoo and the eagle is Tyson's tattoo.

As far as the snowboarding images go, what can I say, snowboarding is a great escape. I have a tendency to get a little stressed at times because I am taking 19 credits and I have 2 jobs. When we go snowboarding I can forget all of my worries and just be myself.

I am pleased with the final product.


It looks like you've done a lot with your blog, Jasmine. The artist report is very detailed. Your site is very easy to get around in and is organized nicely. Also, I just wanted to mention that I loved your self-portrait. It was a really nice touch to print on the photo paper because it added a quality unlike the others'. In your description, I also liked how you mention your boyfriend becuase I often feel that the people that are really close to us like a boyfriend really do make our identity what it is!