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Charlotte Davies


Charlotte Davies is a Canadian artist known best for her work with virtual reality. She has studied many areas of liberal arts and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Before moving into work with virtual reality she worked with a variety of media including painting, filmmaking, and animation. In the mid 80's Davies put these endeavors on hold and began exploring computer technology as a means of creating virtual space. At this point she became the founding director of Softimage and helped this company become the world's leading developer of 3-D animation software. This software has been used to create effects in such films as the Matrix and Jurassic Park.

Davies' digital art incorporates "3-D localized sound and user interaction based on breath & balance." Many people that have experienced Davies' virtual reality spaces have commented that they have a "powerful effect." Some still-frames of Davies virtual reality work can be found in the book Digital Art by Christiane Paul. Her work is under the category of Digital Technologies as a Medium. I really like the still-frames in the book. The images are interestingly strange and abstract to the point where I wonder what some of the shapes are. I would really like to experience Osmose because I have a stong feeling of connection with nature and it would be interesting to experience this type of space virtually. I would really like to experiment with this type of work. I'm so used to seeing framed art that has only visual appeal. It would be exciting to create work that addressed more of the senses.