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Final Project


For my final project I drew stensils in Photoshop and used them to paint the images on to cloth.

I didn't do much online research for this project because I already had some ideas set in my mind. I wanted the images to be simple and semi-abstract. I also wanted them to by "my style". It was difficult to come up with images to put on my clothing becuase I like everything to be very plain. I was trying to stick to only nature imagery, however I did allow myself to push this boundary a little.

Stensil making was very difficult for me because a lot of the images I had in mind didn't make good stensils. It is tricky to find create stensils with any detail at all without having floating pieces. Originally I had intended to use some of my photographs to make stensil by making the photos extremely contrasty. I found that this was a dead end. Then I decided to try my luck at drawing stensil in photoshop, I had a little more luck with this. I haven't ever drawn on a computer before so it was sort of a challenge, but I made due. I also had trouble cutting the stensils out because I haven't ever used razor blades for this purpose before. I bought four different kinds of clothing paints (one a spray paint). I made a test strip for each, waited 24 hours for the paint to dry, and then washed the strips. After multiple washings all of the paints started to wear out. I went through this process with two other paints before I found one that I was happy with. It was tricky to paint on some of the fabrics that I used because they didn't absorb the paint very well and they stretched while I was applying the paint.

Even though I had a lot of difficulties with the process and the materials I was happy with some of the final images. It is really rewarding to work this hard on a project and end up with something that you like.