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The Mirror of Matsuyama



A digitally narrated version of the old Japanese legend "The Mirror of Matsuyama."

I searched for a long time before I came across this legend. It was difficult to find a story that could be told in 10 frames without any words. After deciding that this was the story that I was going to use, I did a lot more research before I was able to create the imagery particularly the clothing.

I wanted the story to be easy to follow even though there was no text. I also tried to keep the imagery interesting. I struggled with a balance between variety and unity. I felt that it was important to have a mix of close-up scenes and far-away scenes in order to keep the viewer interested. At the same time I wanted to make sure that there was still unity between the frames so that they would be identified as a series.

I decided to draw almost all of the imagery. This was a huge challenge for me because I have never had much skill in the drawing department. I figured that this would be a good opportuntiy for me to stray away from my comfort zone and try something new. However, I did allow myself to incorporate some of my photographs as background imagery.

I am pleased with how this project turned out. However, it is a little akward for me to view this as my work because this is the first drawing project that I have completed. I feel that this project is a successful digital narrative because I have asked many people without previous knowledge of this legend to view this series of frames, and they have been able to follow the story.


I really like this series, especially after reading you hadn't drawn a lot. The look really embodies a japaneese legend. You took your time drawing the people to make sure their features looked the same throughout the story, as well as paying attention to creating an interesting background that fits with the characters, and I really like the mountains. The pictures deffiniately succeeds in telling the story