October 9, 2008


Hello Everybody!! This is our new website. It doesn't look like much right now, but soon you will be able to come here to find information on rehearsal scheduling, repertoire, resources, articles on technique, as well as audio and video recordings of selected performances. Presently, all of this will be made available in uThink blog format, but we'll be working on a more advanced site as we proceed. For now, here is a quick scheduling questionnaire to help us all get in the same place at the same time with as little fuss as possible. Please fill out the form with your name and indicate all of your free times during a standard week. This will help us find the best time for the entire group. (Note: this form can only handle start times so please make sure you can accommodate a full ~2 hour rehearsal beginning at the indicated time)

Thanks for your time.

Jeremy Wagner
Composer & IT Fellow