Final Hamster Cards

Journal- the hamster diaries

I have decided to do a journal about my hamster.

The Hamster Diaries.

Im taking a picture of Q-tip everyday for eight days.
They're different actives he enjoys doing, such as eating and running on his wheel.
he really doesn't do different things each day, but the pictures will be cute and creative.

My icons will relate with the pictures, using American Typewritter as my typeface.
I'm going to consistently use the Q (to represent a hamster, and his name)

Final Museum Project

Project 3 - chapter 4

This chapter was helpful because it strongly relates to what I'm doing in my museum brochure. Under each piece of art I'm using the story as captions and I'm planning on ragging the type right. "ragged right" I'm also using symmetry in the painting side of my accordion. Im using true symmetry because I want it to be like a museum wall. Using colored type wasn't something I thought about until I read this chapter. I'm going to experiment with that.

Project 3 - chapter 2+3

The major idea from chapter 2 that I'm going to use in my museum project is white space.
White space is very common in museums, and it gives that clean, sophisticated feel. I'm also going to use repetition with the paintings on each "wall" or section of the according fold. The consistency of paintings on the museum wall will make it appear as a a museum wall.

Using the grid in my project will be very helpful with making the paintings on my even and give them hierarchy over the type. I'll also use it for the cover and back to align my cover frame and type. Type-size will be important so it doesn't dominate my wall art.

coaster process

Mood Board

Project 2 visual research

I am combining the taste spotting images with the pop art style.





Gourmet Magazine


I think any food magazine has mouthwatering images. Images that make you want to drop everything and make or buy that food instantly. I liked this graphic in gourmet magazine because it's a little different approach. This image was from an article about eating out at expensive restaurants. It was about what you're really getting for your money and is it worth it.

Final Two Posters


In this poster I spelled out "UNITY" by using all the countries of the world. I wanted people to get drawn in to the little words, so I added bigger, bolder words that are other meanings of unity. I chose purple because in many countries it means unity.

In this poster I also listed the countries of the world, but in the shape a 1, meaning "as one" I want to emphasis that all countries are equal and should work together (as one). I wanted to add some kind of background, so I added the title and the year so people know what it's about. I used yellow and red because they're bright colors and will capture people's attention.