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Final Two Posters


In this poster I spelled out "UNITY" by using all the countries of the world. I wanted people to get drawn in to the little words, so I added bigger, bolder words that are other meanings of unity. I chose purple because in many countries it means unity.

In this poster I also listed the countries of the world, but in the shape a 1, meaning "as one" I want to emphasis that all countries are equal and should work together (as one). I wanted to add some kind of background, so I added the title and the year so people know what it's about. I used yellow and red because they're bright colors and will capture people's attention.

mosaic art


mosaic art has always interested me. I love this example because you can tell it's mosaic, but it still looks like a great piece of art. The detail of color in the face is great, especially the light pink for the cheeks, and the blue for the eyeshadow.

Anatomy 2- Cyan

Bright, neon colors, simple patterns, bold shapes, and so much to look at. Pop art is the best for eye catching art. Andy Warhol popularized this and it's still one of the most commonly used ways of advertising. Some of my favorites...




Graphic Design of Iran


This article inspired me to research iranian graphic design. Typography is actually really popular in Iran, and is one of the reasons why iranian design is so unique. I think it's great that iranian artists have a way of expressing themselves through their designs, since they can't express themselves through fashion.

International Design



These top two images are from a chinese graphic design site. I thought they were very related to what we're working on in class. I love the second one, so clever.

Overall my research on international design is very modern and uses contemporary shapes and colors, mixed with old black and white patterns (shown above.)

THE charity begins at work PROBLEM


Mtv always seems to have successful voting campaigns. Choose or Loose was everywhere!


Vote or Die was big because so many celebrities got into it which obviously makes the public (especially college kids) interested in politics and making their voice heard.

I love the rolled up flower paper... giving the bouquet effect. -The Partners UK

The idea of adding comic relief with the red balloons for the annual reports is great. especially using something like a cartoon red balloon.

things found in people's heads! yikes!!!!

Flag Research


this website really doesn't have much to do with my poster ideas, but I couldn't resist posting it! I find it really interesting. The food that makes up the flags are the foods that are most popular in that country. What would the American flag be?



something like this but with flags instead of candy. I want to spell using flags.

digital process- thumbnails

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