Arab League Petitions U.N. For Peacekeeping Mission in Syria

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The Arab League called on the United Nations Sunday to assist them in sending peacekeeping forces into Syria, the Washington Post reports.

At a meeting of foreign ministers in Cairo the Arab league appealed to the UN, asking for increased assistance in Syria, where increased government violence against protestors has threatened to erupt into an all out civil war. Bombings have rocked Homs and Zabadani for weeks, as the Syrian government attempts to quash civilian uprisings.

According to the New York Times, Syrian ambassador to the Arab League Yousef Ahmad was "not interested" in what the League had to say, and blamed their decision on growing "hysteria and confusion" in the other Arab states.

Syria and its allies, China and Russia, quickly rejected the proposition of UN peacekeeping forces entering the country, dividing the UN Security Counsel. It is unlikely that the UN will pursue any operation inside of Syria yet.

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