Bachmann WIll Run Again in Redrawn District

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Representative Michelle Bachmann announced Tuesday that she would seek reelection in her redrawn district, even though her home suburb has been moved into a different one, reports the Associated Press.

Representative Bachmann returned home to her St. Paul suburb of Stillwater to find it moved to Minnesota's district 4 in the recent redistricting of the state. Bachmann's 6th district covers several northwest Twin Cities suburbs including Woodbury and Anoka, and stretches up to the St. Cloud area.

Despite the fact that Bachmann's home precinct has moved to the 4th district, represented by Democrat Betty McCollum, Bachmann said Tuesday that she would run for reelection in district 6, which is still home to most her base supporters. Although her presidential bid failed, Bachmann said that the national prominence gained during the election will help her in being reelected.

"I embody the voice of the 6th Congressional District," she said. "I faithfully took that voice all across the United States, and amplified that very common sense Minnesota heartland voice of not spending more money than we take in, not increasing anyone's taxes and having the government live within its means."

Bachmann is not the only Minnesota legislator facing tough decisions in the wake of the redistricting. The Star Tribune reports that as many as 46 incumbents facing off, with many being forced to run against fellow party members.

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