Minneapolis Lutherans Oppose Marriage Amendment, Elect First Female Bishop

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The Minneapolis synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America voted in opposition of Minnesota's controversial marriage amendment and to elect the first female Bishop over the weekend, according to the Minn Post.

At the ELCA Minneapolis Synod's annual assembly some 700 Lutherans voted to officially oppose Minnesota's proposed amendment banning same-sex marriage. The synod's vote comes on the heels of Minnesota's catholic bishops (representing 1.1 million minnesotans) declaring their support of the controversial amendment.

The assembly heard from at least a dozen speakers before holding an informal vote in which members of the assembly raised red or green cards. The Star Tribune reported that green overwhelmed red.

But not all Lutherans are in favor of the vote.

"This is a really complex political issue, and I think it's important Christians are involved in the political realm on the individual level," said Clifton Hanson, an area pastor. "I think for us to come together as a group and say the church thinks [that the marriage amendment is wrong] is inappropriate."

The synod said they do not plan to give any money to organizations opposing the amendment.

The weekend's assembly saw another groundbreaking move by the synod, which voted to install the Reverend Ann Svennungsen as Minneapolis' first female Lutheran bishop, the Star Tribune reported.

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