New Light Rail Lines Named

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metro.jpgThe Metropolitan Council announced Wednesday that Metro Transit rapid bus and light rail lines would be receiving new names and a new logo, according the Minnesota Public Radio.

The existing Hiawatha light rail line will be renamed the Blue Line, the Central Corridor line will be named the Green Line, and new rapid transit bus lines along Cedar Avenue and 35W will be named the red and orange lines, respectively.

The Metropolitan Council also announced that the lines will be known as "Metro" and will use a new logo. A capital "T" in a red circle will replace the originally proposed "M" logo. The latter was much derided by city officials and focus groups alike, prompting the change back.

"Everybody had an idea of what the "M" should look like," Bruce Howard, marketing director for Metro Transit, told the Star Tribune. "We were trying to please everybody and really pleased nobody with the "M."

The new logo will appear on rapid transit buses when the lines open in November, on the Green Line when it opens in 2014, and on existing Blue/Hiawatha Line stops as they receive regular maintenance.

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