Romney Wins Big in Nevada Caucus

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Mitt Romney enjoyed a decisive campaign in the Nevada Caucus on Saturday, distancing himself further from other GOP hopefuls and continuing a run that increasingly points to a nomination in the fall, according to the Guardian.

Romney finished in Nevada with 48% of the votes, more than twice runner-up Newt Gingrich got, and even further ahead of Ron Paul and Rick Santorum, who trailed at 18.5% and 11% respectively.

This victory represents the latest in a string of strong caucus and primary showings for the former Massachusetts governor. Romney has won three of the last five votes, and took second place in Iowa by a historically slim margin.

Paul's support has been steadily declining, as has Santorum's, who hasn't been able to recapture the surprisingly strong showing in Iowa. Gingrich is attempting to appeal to far-right and evangelical voters, but his record in Washington has been hammered by Romney's super PAC, Support for Our Future, according to the Washington Post.

Gingrich expressed confidence that his campaign would remain competitive following votes from more conservative states on Super Tuesday and Texas' primary in April. In an interview with Meet The Press on Sunday Gingrich continued to position himself as the "true conservative" alternative to Romney.

"The challenge is to say: do you really want to go in to a fall election with a moderate candidate? The last two times we nominated a moderate - 1996 and 2008 - we lost badly. A conservative candidate can offer a much greater contrast with President [Barack] Obama," he said.

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