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A Place Apart

Query: Describe the most beautiful place to you.

The most beautiful place for me? It would have to be Taylors Falls State Park in Minnesota. This place is gorgeous in a rugged and untamed sort of way. What makes up the beauty of this place is also what makes it so dangerous. The barriers between the public and the high cliffs leading to the river down below are few and far between, leaving wide open spaces to the rivers or jagged rock below.

This place is not extremely big, but seems all the bigger by the fact that it is a largely vertical terrain that one climbs around on. Everywhere you look, scrubby pines with gnarled and twisted roots roping around their gnarled and twisted rocky anchors formed by wind and water and plant growth over the many years. Sinkholes upwards of 15 feet deep in bare rock weathered down by the water that falls in them show up in the most bizarre of places. Sweeping heights of naked rock with fissures all pointing to one spot in the middle of the wall--as if some giant had come up and pounded a crack in the wall. To some, it may be repugnant. To me, paradise.