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What would you do?

There are a few groups of people left on the planet who have not been in contact in any way with the "modern" world. Some of these groups exist in South America. Currently what we know about these groups of people we know by spy satellite and helicopter pass overs. You learn from the satellite images that many people within the tribe appear hurt (who knows why). Should contact be made with this group in order to bring medical help? Why of why not?


I think that contact should be made with these people. I think it should be done in the least intrusive way possible. At least offering help or education they can become a little bit better in contact with the "modern" world. I think they deserve the opportunity to recieve proper health care. If they refuse then the health professionals should agree to let them be. However, I think that at least offereing them help can't hurt. They say yes or no and that is that. If yes, they get help, if no things remain the same.

I think that there definitely should be contact made with these people. But on the same note I don’t think that we should push our modern medicine on them if they don’t want it. We also don’t want to intrude on their lives. I’m sure that most of them are quite happy living that way (considering that is the only way of life they know). But I think that they need to know that there are other forms of medicine and help out there that could be beneficial to them. They just need to be informed of it. If they decline the help offer then I think that we should bow out and let them continue doing what they are doing. It’s not fair to push a way of life on them that they may not be comfortable with. It also wouldn’t be fair if we made it mandatory that they listen to us and do what we say. They may not understand what is going on and then become scared and then become hostile. No one wants that. In a friendly matter we just need to inform them of the pros and cons of what we are doing being a little more persuasive towards our way of treatment considering it would help them tremendously.

I think that before going in and making contact with these tribes in overwhelmingly large groups, very small groups should try to make contact and begin to understand the language. They should get a good grasp of the culture and what is acceptable and what isn't before any type of medical help is brought in. This way it is less likely to confuse and scare the tribe. They would be more accepting of help from the outside world if their impression of us is a good one and that we just want to help them. A good way of bringing modern healthcare into these tribes would be to actually visually show the tribes what they are going to do. That way, the members of the tribe who are unable to understand what the doctors are talking about will be able to see what's going on. The most gentle and patient method would be the best to help the injured people. If they totally reject help from the outside, then i think we should respect that and let them go on the way they want to live.

Contact should not be made, in the least bit. These groups have been living in the "non-modern" world, well since the existance of their group. I think that spying on the tribe via satellite/helicopters is extremly instrusive and rude. Obviously living life in the ways they do is the only thing they have ever known. For doctors and other health care professionals to come into their tribe and extend an offer to help them, would probably be a little too intense for them to handle. And then they woul dhave to try and communicate in whatever kind of language they speak and tell them in fact the were spying on them for the helicopters they fly over them. Most likely they are going to be confused or maybe even violent. In my opinion, it is safe to just leave the tribe how they are; they have in fact been surving in this manner, so why should we disrupt. If they honestly need the help, I am sure thye will look for it-they know others are other by the random satellites and helicopters floating above them.

I don't think contact should be made with these groups. First of all, we don't know much about them. They could be more dangerous than we think. They probably have their own methods of medical treatment and medicines, likely plant based. If we have been spying on them, and they have made no contact with the modern world, they most likely don't have any desire to. It is invasion of their privacy and freedom to live the way they choose. To think that we could bring doctors to their land and offer help is such a naive thought, because we just don't have enough information about them included language, culture, and their capabilities. America seems to have a tendency to feel the need to impose practices on other cultures. It is completely unnecessary for us to feel obligated to interfere, it would be highly unlikely they would accept, because our culture is so incomprehensible to them. Taking into consideration our nation's economic situation, we don't need to spend the money and we need to focus on our own issues. As insensitive and harsh it may sound, the US has enough health care issues, we need to focus on ourselves and in time help others.

I completely agree with Christine's response. Spying is so intrusive and rude especially because there lives, and culture isn't affecting us in any way, so what is the point to get involved. Observation and learning about other cultures is fine but there is no need to change their opinions about health care. Realistically, like Christine said offering our modern help would be too intense for these people to understand or handle. Most importantly we have no idea how they would react. We would have to defend ourselves if they chose to be violent and we don't need the confrontation. We don't need the image or reputation of trying to impose and then killing the tribe because they didn't understand and we had to protect ourselves. Obviously, visiting this tribe could result in a good or bad outcome, I just don't feel we need to test it and find out. Again agree with Christine, we need to do what is safe, and that is leaving them alone.

I do not think that we should go and try to help them. Their civilization has probably survived for generations, and it is not up to us to go intrude on their way of life. They probably won't even understand what is going if we did try to help them because they are not accustomed with the modern world. The tribe most likely has their own ways of curing illness, so who are we to interfere. Spying on these tribes is a little obtrusive in my opion. I think we whould focus our efforts in other areas.

I think that we should make contact with these groups to let them know we are here if they need help. I think it is the tribe's decision whether or not they want the help. I think it is our job to give help to tribes and countries that have less resources than us and are in need. Even though the tribes probably will want their privacy I believe it is right for us to make sure they know we are here to help them and they can contact us if they need our help. On the topic of whether or not it is intruding their privacy; it is. But I think that the right thing to do is provide health care to those who need it whether or not their privacy is intruded upon. What if they really do need our help and without it they would all die? There is always that chance and I think it would be beneficial to check on them and provide the care they need.

Contact should be made with these tribes to try and ask them if they want help. I think this should be done in the least forceful way possible though. A small team of medical professionals should go to the village and ask them if they would like medical assistance. They should also educate them on the benefits of receiving modern medical help. If the village refuses, the medical professionals should respect their choice. If the medical team where to see signs of a potential outbreak though, they should watch this area and at least try to confine it so it doesn’t spread to any modernized areas. The doctors could also leave a way for the villagers to make contact in case they did change their mind and wanted medical help and we could continue using satellites to watch them, strictly to make sure their medical health is okay. This may seem like an invasion of privacy, but because I am sure these villagers have seen helicopters pass over, I think it would be fair for doctors to go and tell them why there have been helicopters and to figure out what is wrong in the village.

There is no reason to contact these groups. Yes, they may be in the middle of some sort of epidemic and their culture and civilization are in peril, but if we just barge in and start throwing our culture onto them, their culture is almost certainly destroyed. We, as westerners (specifically Americans), have a long tradition of going into native groups and promptly screwing everything up. From the Native Americans who we scammed, murdered, and chased out of their native lands to the Iraqi and other Middle Eastern conflicts that we have inserted ourselves into today, the American doctrine of intervening in issues and cultures we are not a part of has failed over and over. Health care especially. The WHO gets ran out of some third world communities because they are insensitive to the culture's needs, beliefs, and fears about modern medicine. What is going to happen when we start "helping" a bunch of people that have never been contacted by the rest of the world?

I really think that medical contact should reach out to them and help them. If they are apart of this world, we should do anything we can to keep their health up and expose them to the real world. If they don’t want the medicine, they have every right to refuse it. But if they haven’t been exposed to it before, they probably have no idea what our medical system is all about. They should be informed about everything that would be performed on them, and the healthcare professionals should do everything in their power to make sure they understand. If they don’t understand what is going on, I don’t think we should provide the healthcare, because they have also been fine without it for all these years. We need to make sure that we are not invading their privacy and see if they are using some other type of health care that has worked for them.

In response to Alexandra’s response, I now agree that there should not be any contact made. She was right in saying we don’t know much about them, how they normally live their life everyday, and the things they do. If we combine our health care systems with what they have been doing in the past, there could be some really negative consequences. We really don’t have a clue about their language, culture, and their capabilities. I also like how she tied in on how our country is doing right now. We have so many problems economically, and should try to help everyone in our own country too. I have also noticed how America try’s to impose practices on other cultures. We feel like everyone should be like us, and have the same opportunities, even though a lot of people wouldn’t even want the help. I do truly believe it is great to help other people out, but if our own country can’t support themselves, then how are we going to help others.

I do not think any contact should be made. This would be a horrible mistake to make contact with them. If they haven't been in contact with the modern world for this long what makes anyone think they would want to be? They have there own lifestyle and some cultures would not want their lifestyle to be changed even if it was for the better. Who knows how they would react though just with contact from the modern world. I think it would be great to help them out, but i'm pretty sure it's a high risk, and it's better to let them be as they are.

Contact should not be made with these people. They are and have been living their way of life for God knows how long, and no attempt has been made to reach out to us. There is no reason to impose our culture and medicine upon them. We always try to play the role of the World Police, and its time that stopped. Why intervene when there is no reason or need to.

I don't think that contact should be made with these indigenous people. Although these people may seem injured, they have learned a different way of coping with pain and injury throughout the centuries that they have been isolated. It may seem like a good idea to help them become and stay healthy using our knowledge of medicine, however that may seem like an attack or invasion of their privacy. These people have survived using their methods of 'health care' for a long time and it makes no sense to disrupt their natural way of life to instill the western medicine belief in them.

In response to Andrea's post, I think that even making contact with these indigenous people will be a traumatic event. These people may not even know that different populations are existent. Usually these people live in tribes and interact by trading with each other or make at least some sort of contact with one another, but our western way of life is so much different that the introduction of even the idea of our way of life will disrupt their way of life. So by introducing ourselves followed by an offer of our medical help would not be as simple as just giving them the option of help or no help. Either way, we would change their natural way of life.

In response to Erin’s post I disagree. I think that there should be contact made with them. I don’t see the harm in making contact with these people. It is not like making contact with them would be forcing them to do anything that they don’t want to do. And if their existence is in jeopardy because of injury or disease or whatever then they would probably appreciate the help. The people that went to offer help wouldn’t push them to do anything they didn’t want to do. It would be completely calm and informative. Then if the indigenous group decides they don’t want help, then the people offering help would just bow out and let the group do what they want about the problem. There is absolutely no harm in letting them know that people know and care that they are going through a difficult time and that people are willing and able to help them if they want it.

I think that contact should be made with these people. I understand that seeing people with advanced technology could shock them, but in the long run it could save many lives. If some of them are already hurt it would be a good idea to help them out. They may have already discovered some basic ways of healing themselves, but they are not as effective as modern medicine, so they could still die much easier without us. We could do a great service to them by giving them some advice and tools to help them heal themselves in the future. The least we could do is offer the assistance. If they turn it down, then it should be left up to them to survive on their own.

This is a tough question. My gut tells me that if we have knowledge about someone in the world that is hurt, we should try and give them the help they need. We cannot read these peoples’ minds and assume they want or need help, but what if they simply do not have the knowledge or resources necessary to treat sick individuals? Even though they may not know about it, they have the right to receive help. We as Americans are extremely privileged and are living in a completely different culture than these people. They probably have no idea what our way of life is all about, but there is no “right and wrong? way to heal someone. The U.S. has all the resources necessary to make a difference in a culture other than our own. There are multiple barriers we would have to overcome to get the point across, such as language, religious beliefs, cultural beliefs, etc, but I don’t see any reason why merely offering help would be an issue.

I could easily argue the other side of this issue as well. I would need more information as to if these people are not in contact with the modern world by choice, or if they are simply uneducated and have absolutely no knowledge about a culture other than theirs. If it is the latter, I would offer help to them. If they do not want to be in contact with other cultures by choice, we should respect their privacy and leave them to what they know best. If that is the case, there is no reason to bother them with our incessant need to barge in and transform their culture into our American culture. There have been so many instances throughout history where this has occurred, and the U.S. culture is starting to dominate the earth. Sometimes it is ok to help, but not completely take over a culture different than our own.

I absolutely believe that there should be contact made with these groups of people. However, I do not believe we should force them to consider using modern medicine. If we force them to start using modern medicine, it may interfere with their way of life and that is the last thing they want. There is a reason why they are “hidden? and can only be seen using sky satellite and helicopter pass overs; they want to be secluded from the outside world and have their own culture. On the other hand, if many of them are hurting, they should be informed of other structures of health care that may benefit their way of life. If however they accept our offer of modern day health care, then I believe we should take action immediately and help them in any way possible. Overall, it should be their choice as to whether or not they want to take advantage of modern day health practices.

I absolutely believe that there should be contact made with these groups of people. However, I do not believe we should force them to consider using modern medicine. If we force them to start using modern medicine, it may interfere with their way of life and that is the last thing they want. There is a reason why they are “hidden? and can only be seen using sky satellite and helicopter pass overs; they want to be secluded from the outside world and have their own culture. On the other hand, if many of them are hurting, they should be informed of other structures of health care that may benefit their way of life. If however they accept our offer of modern day health care, then I believe we should take action immediately and help them in any way possible. Overall, it should be their choice as to whether or not they want to take advantage of modern day health practices.

I absolutely believe that there should be contact made with these groups of people. However, I do not believe we should force them to consider using modern medicine. If we force them to start using modern medicine, it may interfere with their way of life and that is the last thing they want. There is a reason why they are “hidden? and can only be seen using sky satellite and helicopter pass overs; they want to be secluded from the outside world and have their own culture. On the other hand, if many of them are hurting, they should be informed of other structures of health care that may benefit their way of life. If however they accept our offer of modern day health care, then I believe we should take action immediately and help them in any way possible. Overall, it should be their choice as to whether or not they want to take advantage of modern day health practices.

In response to Alex’s post I completely agree with you. There must be a reason as to why these people are secluded from the outside world. If they are isolated by choice, then I believe the United States should stay out of their business and let them continue their way of life. If however they are uneducated and have no knowledge of other cultures, then I think we should offer support and help them in any way possible. Alex is right about the United States barging in on other societies and trying to transform their culture into our American culture. That gives the United States a bad image. If they willingly accept our help, we should graciously provide them with modern day health practices. Overall, it should be their decision as to whether or not they want our support.

I do not think any contact or help should be given to these tribes. They have been living on their own and their own way for as long as they are old. They probably enjoy their simple life and do not want us or anyone to intrude on what they have. They have to know that there is something else out there (modern society). Even if they do not know that out there is someone or something more intelligent or technological than they, they have to know there is something. If they wanted help I believe they would go looking for it. Spying on them and trying to learn their ways is intrusive, and isn't necessary.

I agree with Christine T. If they have been living in that way until now so be it. They have survived so much, they can absolutely get through one more hardship.

Responding to Ryan Hanna's post, you had a little bit on contradicting going on. You say that contact should "absolutely be made" yet, you say they are hidden for a reason. Honestly, the really are living their lives hidden for some reason, which I am sure none of us know. I just do not htink we have enough reason to have to make contact with them. In what wy is it our right to intrude? If we were to intrude, as you suggested, I agree with giving them the choice and not putting force into the situation. I just think their tribe has no place for intrusions that could be detrimental to their usual way of life. Sometimes it is juts best to not and say we did. As I stated earlier in my post, who knows how these types of people will react to us getting "all up in" their tribe?

I think that contact should be made. It is necessary to help people when they are injured or in serious trouble. Their community could be in jeopardy if they are not medically treated and then their entire culture could be extinct. I think that there should be medical professionals going over to the community little by little and not just in a big group because they could then be scared off or thinking that we may be trying to attack them. We should be helping out and educating the tribe so that if they happen to have any trouble again or having any other injuries, they will know how to properly treat each other and we will not need to invade their community yet again and leave them in peace.

I agree with DJ. I think that we should try to offer healthcare in the least forceful way. I think that if they refuse help then doctors and other healthcare professionals should respect that wish. I think he had a great idea that leaving a way to contact them should be done. DJ also said education should be offerred. I think that is one of the best ways to get other civilizations to understand why healthcare would bennefit them and it helps persuade them to go and recieve care. I completely agree with what DJ said.

I definitely think that contact should be made. At the same time, though, I don't think we should force anything upon them. We should offer them more modern ways in terms of healthcare but be understanding if they refuse. For all we know, they could be happy living just the way they are. On the contrary, they may wish to be "saved". Because they have chosen to be so far secluded from other life, it would not surprise me if they rejected any offers and wished to continue living the way they are. But to sum things up, if there are people within this tribe that are yearning for medical help, we should offer it to them.

I don’t think contact should be made immediately with these groups. Before pushing western medicine on these societies, it would be more important to understand how they work and potential reasons for their injuries. If intrusive medical measures are taken, these tribes could respond negatively. Often telling a group of people “what is best for them? isn’t an appropriate approach and could cause catastrophic clashes of cultures. There is also no evident reason why we would feel obligated to help these tribes. These groups have their own way of dealing with medical problems. I don’t feel comfortable taking extra measures to help a group of people we don’t understand while in the process effecting their culture and way of life. It is also unrealistic to think that we can help everyone on the planet with their health issues, especially with health issues that may not deserve top priority.

I don't think contact should be made immediately with these groups. They should be able to choose for themselves if they want change in their tribes or not. I think we should keep an eye out, however, and try to protect them because if disease does spread through their whole group, it could become extinct depending on how many members there are. As of bringing progress like modern medicine to these tribes, it could be doing more harm than good. Exposure to the modern world come mean that they could be exposed to even more new diseases for which they have no immunity to whatsoever. For now, these groups have been surviving with their own medicinal ways and we should not intrude and affect their culture.

I honestly think that contact with these groups should not be immediate. I believe that if this tribe were seeking help they would go out of their way to attain it. Now, if they are not equip to seek help I am sure an alternative could be found. From a biological standpoint, their community has suffered hardship and prosperity and still exists in the world today. I think that the way their community is interacting and going through day by day they are managing to hold a strong community. Death will always be in existence within a community. If immediate action takes place their tribe may never acquire an immunity to this problem, or basically just learn how to, on their own, overcome this issue. Now, I think if we do decide to provide care, we should not use the modern medicine in which we know. We can not expect to take our measures on a tribe that obviously is not up to our medical advancements. If involved, it would be our duty to identify the problem, aid them in a way they wish, and then continue on.

I believe that contact should be made with these people. I know that up to this point they have isolated themselves, but if they are hurt or even sick they need medical attention. It may be their way of life to keep away from other people but action must be taken. Life is a gift and everyone deserves to live, and so they should get medical help. With the advancements today we need to make it known to everyone that we can help them and pursue those in need. I do think its best though to consult many people on their thoughts about how to get in touch with these people.

I agree with Kate. Contact should be made, but nothing should be forced upon the tribe. She thought that maybe some of the members of the tribe might want to be "saved" and accept modern medicine, and others wouldn't because its such a foreign idea and way of thinking. So, as she sums things up, i also agree, that help should be given to those in the tribe that want help, and others should be left alone.

In response to DJ Mortimer, I completely agree with you that we should go over and help because it is our duty to help out the tribes or countries that are in need. If they do not want help then we can leave but it is important that we show that we care and are available if they do decide to seek medical help from us. We do have more resources and more knowledge that we can pass on to them if need be. I also agree that it is an invasion of privacy but as you said, we need to insure that they are alright and provide health care to insure their well-being and, therefore, do not die. It is beneficial to make contact with them and show our support that we are willing to help if they want us to.

I agree with Tom for the most part. Tom said that we should contact these tribes and I fully agree with this statement. I think contact should be made, because they are hurt and they might want our help. I, also, agree with Tom in that we should make it known that we are here to help every civilization with our advanced technology. But I think it is still up to the group of people whether they want the proper medication or not. I don't think we can force them to take our medication.

I agree with Tom's post. These people should be able to experience life to the fullest. This isn't possible if they die at a young age because of diseases. We should try to make contact with them and give them medical attention. I also agree that it would be a good idea to go over possible ways of contacting them and choose the best one.

In response to pretty much everyone who said some variant of "Let them choose", I think you need to reevaluate the consequences of just going in and offering this choice. Are you just going to set up tents and start handing out Penicillin? This is a group that most likely thinks the helicopter you just landed in is, quite literally, a god. This was the reaction when a helicopter discovered one of these groups deep in the jungles of Brazil. They tried to throw spears at it. These people most likely also have their own language, and even if you had the best intentions, they are most likely going to think you are an intruder. The same thing happened in 1955 under similar circumstances: An undisturbed native group was found in Ecuador. Missionaries initially dropped gifts and other things from the helicopter. After believing they had won the friendship of the natives and convincing them they meant no harm, they were promptly killed. The point I'm trying to make is that it is not as easy as just going in there with a first aid kit and asking "Who wants Band-Aids?"

In response to Andrea's post I agree with what she has to say to some point. I would like to make contact with these cultures that are not connected to our modern world at all, but is it worth it? Some might accept help, but in my opinion a lot would refuse. It's very hard to change your lifestyle after so many years of it being the same. I don't know if it would be worth the cost or time to look into this just because some of the cultures take pride in their already present lifestyle. It would be great if these cultures wanted to be educated in these areas, but I don't think this idea is as realistic as some people think.

I agree with andrea. I believe that help should be offered to them. I also agree with andrea on if they wish not to be treated we shouldn't treat them. I think that if they choose to stay out of contact with the modern world we should respect that. We have no buisness interfearing with there culuture. Also i agree with the fact that we should try to help if at all possible. I don't agree with travis in that it would be a waste of time and money to treat these people. I think that we should atleast try to help, but if they refuse medical treatment then we have atleast learned about a new culture.

Matt Tracy made some very good points about intervening in these tribes. We do not know anything about these people’s lifestyles or how much they know about the modern world and would need to take that into consideration when we made contact. I still believe that contact should be made and they should be educated on health issues, but nothing should be forced upon the village unless they were immediate danger. Matt made the point that they may not even know what helicopters are, may have their own language, or would misunderstand the reasons for our communication which could endanger our own lives. Communication would have to slowly be accomplished, making sure that both sides understand fully each other. Once a good relationship was made with these tribes, even if they accept the care that we offer, they should be checked on occasionally to make sure there has been no dramatic changes in their health and incase they wanted help to become more modernized.

I strongly agree with Andrea and Christy. Contact should be made with these isolated people. We don't know their situation so maybe they would really appreciate our medical help. If not then at least we tried and they can come to us in the future if they change their minds. Our medical treatment should not be forced upon them, but it should be available to them because it is the right thing to do. This opportunity to help another culture is something that we need to jump on because otherwise their way of life may not be around for much longer.

I agree with Stephanie about how contact should not be made immediately. The tribe themselves should be able to decide if they want the help or not. I believe if they have been able to do it all along on their own they still can. I do think we should watch the tribe and see what comes of this outbreak. I think bringing modern medicine into these tribes could have a negative impact on their group. Sometimes tribes or other communities are not introduced to the modern technologies because they are just not meant to be known. We should not intrude if they have been able to do it on their own for this long.

I agree with Matt. We should not barge in and try to help these tribes. America has always had a tendency to throw ourselves into the middle of things that we need not get involved in. From the indians to now the middle east, We feel that everyone needs our help when in reality in could be best to leave them alone. They have been surviving for generations, so they must know something we don't. If we were to try and help them, it should be done in the least obtrusive way possible like a very small medical group trying to contact the tribe. Anyway I look at it, it just seems like its none of our business.

I definitely agree with the points made by Brandon. Going into a community little by little is the method I believe healthcare units should take. If too many people showed up at once, it could get very overwhelming. Like Brandon said, help should be available in order to keep these small cultures from going extinct. Also, education would serve as a very valuable tool in cases like this; I'm sure it would make tribes feel a little more at ease when dealing with these strangers.

I agree with Jay. Our country sometimes oversteps its bounds in an effort to help people. Maybe this is a situation that we should handle a little bit more slowly and make sure that we are fully educated on the whole situation. As a country we need to first communicate our intentions with them and then move in to assist them. If we don't it will result in us seeming like the bad guys. The other solution is to let them work it out on their own because sometimes it's not our place to step in and interfere with their lives.

I agree with what Christine B. said. I think that if we take action with the group right away, it could be very catastrophic for everyone involved. I think, like Christine said, contact should not be made immediately. I also agree that they need time to try and overcome this problem on their own. They might have had problems like the ones we are just seeing now for ages, however, with the advancements in our technology we are only realizing it now. I think that she brought up a good point in that our modern medicine will not be very suitable for a group with traditional customs and ways of healing/medicine. It would be vital that we find out their ways of healing and then see if there is anything very simple we can do to help them that would not throw too much new information at them.

Yes we should make contact, however only to offer to provide help and let them decide whether they want it or not. We should not just intrude and start helping. As nice as it sounds it is too intrusive. They might already be taking action and we could just be interrupting. We could make the situation a lot worse. Also it could be insulting to their culture. They have there own way of life and dealing with its problems. It would be wrong to just jump in with our technology and attempt to fix things.

I agree with Kate in that we should contact them but not force anything upon them. If their culture is still around, they obviously must be fully capable of handling situations like this. The way they handle things like this is a part of what defines their culture. It would be acceptable to help if they feel it is necessary but only if. Just because we have the technology doesn't mean they want it.