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Live Organ Donation

Should organ donation from one living person to another be legal? Should they be able to charge? Read the newest Center for Bioethics article on "Informed Consent Among Live Organ Donors" and respond to it here.


I think that living donors is something that really benefits many people today. Selling organs, however, I believe is somewhat unethical, but I think it should be allowed. Many people use that money to live and to help their families live. Sad, but it is how many people decide to make money in third world countries. I think that living donors is something that is voluntary, even if there is a lot of pressure to donate your organs in different situations. It is that person's right to donate or not. If they decide to, for whatever reason, it was still their overall decision. I think all donors should be really well educated on what they are doing and to make an educated final decision after completely understanding what they are doing. I think that a lot of times the reason for someone being a living donor is for money or due to pressure, but as long as the donor is educated on what they are doing and they make the decision, I think it should be legal. Although selling your organs is incredibly sad and in my opinion unethical, I think it should still be legal. It is their right, their body. I think live organ doning should be legal in all forms.

I think that one organ donation from one living individual to another should be legal. Although that is a little weird, I think it’s very important if people want to sell their organs they should be able to. The number of people dying from organ transplant is really high, and if people who needed the money sold their organs that could really help the case. I think that the donors should check with doctors before doing it, just to make sure there are no major risks. They shouldn’t be able to sacrifice their life just to make money off an organ donation. I personally would never consider this, because our organs of our body are really crucial for everyday living, and we really don’t know the long term effects of this new system on our body. I think if they were to give someone else their organ, they should have the right to charge them.

Although this is a creepy thing to think about, I do believe that live organ donation should be legal. There are hundreds of thousands of people in need of organ transplants, and according to the article, 70,000 have died while waiting for a transplant. It is a little sick that someone would charge for their organ and not donate it out of the goodness of their heart. I have never heard of someone who consented to being paid for donating their organs when filling out a driver’s license application, or letting their family have the money after they were in a serious accident and ended up dying. I personally think it would be extremely greedy to ask for money when donating an organ, but it is a free country and if someone wants to charge someone else for his or her organ, then it should be legal. Looking at the questions at the end of the article, I think the live organ donor should understand fully the short and long term medical, emotional, and financial consequences of organ donation. They should have the ability to receive information about the procedure. They should not be pressured in any way to donate because ultimately, it is their choice. Organ donation is risky, but could be tremendously beneficial to someone in need of a transplant.

I definitely think that organ donation from one living person to another should be legal. If it is saving lives, then we should do it as much as possible. There are risks in the process, but there are risks in almost everything in the modern world. As long as the benefits outweigh the risks then we should continue to do it. As far as people charging a price for their organs, I can see where people could think that it is unethical. I think that it should be allowed though because these people are taking a big risk in giving away their organs in the first place. They should at least get something in return for that. I also think that before the procedure takes place, the donor should be talked to about the procedure and the risks that go along with it. They should be fully aware of what could happen before it is too late. If they are donating their organ just for money or because they are under pressure, they should strongly consider the risks. If they still think it is a good idea, they should be allowed to go ahead and donate their organ.

I agree with Theresa's post on this topic. People should be allowed to sell their organs if they want to. It is a great way to save many lives even if there are some risks in the process. They should be able to receive something in return for taking these risks too. I also agree that it would be a good idea to talk to a doctor first and check for any major risks. If there is a good chance that the donor could die, then the operation would be pointless. I don't think I would donate one of my organs either. At least not for a while. The Marine Corps demands a very physical lifestyle, and I don't know how well I could handle it without one of my organs. I would possibly consider it after I retire though.

Yes, live organ donation should be legal. It can save lots of lives, even though the donor may not be behaving entirely rational at the time. Personally, I know I would donate a kidney or other organ to one of my immediate family members if they needed it. I think most people would. I also believe that charging for organs is not really the best idea or ethically sound concept but it is one of those things that is probably going to happen even if it is illegal, so I would be in favor of having it legal just so professionals can conduct the organ removal, transfer, etc. instead of having it done in poor conditions in some third world country. The rest of the world lives in extreme poverty, and sometimes their organs may be their own marketable possession. If small, albeit ugly, steps like this help eliminate poverty, I think that we should support them.

I believe that live organ donation is a great thing and definitely should be legal. It saves so many lives. I would definitely donate an organ of mine to a close family member if they needed it. I don't think charging money for an organ is the greatest idea though. There are way too many things that could go wrong with that process. People in tough financial situations would end up selling organs that they shouldn't or they'd end up getting an infection due to uncleanliness of the shady place they'd have the operation done. It's just a bad idea overall. It could lead to much more diseases and problems. It isn't very ethical either to sell one's body parts.

I completely agree with Sara. I believe that live organ donation should be legal because thousands of people are in need of it. If someone alive is willing to give up his or her organ to someone in need, I think that is an extremely generous and selfless act. I wouldn't even think twice before donating an organ to one of my family members or someone I love. I also agree with Sara that charging money for one's organs is a little shady; as I mentioned in my blog I think it would be greedy and weird. On the other hand, I also agree with Nik’s comment that live donation would be a big risk, and the donor should be given the choice to be “reimbursed? for their act of kindness. Either way, the procedure should be done in a clean, sterile environment where proper medication and treatment is readily available to the patient and donor.

I agree with Nik. It is the doctor's responsibility to make sure the donor knows all the associated risks and also to make sure they know they do not have to go through with this procedure. It is especially important to do this with people who are considering selling their organs, because they too might not be even thinking of any possible lifestyle changes or other complications that come along with donating one or more organs. It is important that doctors are conducting these procedures and not people who are not properly trained. If it is not legal, people who are not properly trained will be doing these procedures and even more risks will be associated with organ donation.

Donating on of your own organs in the middle of your life is a very genuine and wonderful thing to do. It may be risky but it is great. There are many risks that go along with donating an organ but if someone really goes through with the process they obviously have thought about the side effects. People should probably be able to sell their organs.... but not without talking to a doctor and having a good physical examination first. What would be the point of selling an organ that isn't going to do any good? Overall, giving or selling your organs should be something you want to do, and if you want to do it for the good of another it should not be illegal.

I agree with Andrea way at the top of the blog. It may be sick to sell your own organs but it should be allowed. It saves lives. period. One way or another dying people are getting the organs they need. If you were dying and in desperate need of an organ and no one would give it out of the goodness of their heart.... would you offer some money for your life? Yup.

I agree with Sara in saying that organ donation is a great thing to do and should be completely legal. It would save so many lives and if people are willing to give up something of theirs to help someone else, it should be allowed. I think that she has a very good point about the whole money situation. That could really change the purpose of people donation organs, and could really harm someone’s personal health if they were just in it to receive the money. I now think that they person should only be allowed to give up their body part to someone else, if they don’t receive money for it and if they are examed by a doctor that says it will not cause them any harm now or in the future. We don’t want to have people getting sick or even dying from infections or if they lost an important organ, because wouldn’t that defeat our purpose of donating organs in the first place.

Organ donation is an ethical process that is essential for medical treatment today. There are so many people in need of organs to continue their lives that it needs to be legal. The demand for an organ is so high that according to the article over 70,000 people have died while waiting for an organ. This goes to show that we need organ donation in order to treat many ill people. I know that I would donate one of kidneys, part of my liver, or any other organ in order to save a life of one of my family members. I think that selling an organ should be legal also. There are many people in need of money that would sell one of their organs in order to survive financially. Again, there are so many people in need of an organ that it would be alright for a person to get financial compensation for donating. I know that sounds a little disturbing but if people want to do it just for the money, it should not matter for it is their body. Overall, organ donation is an ethical process that needs to continue being legal.

This is an icky situation to think about, but I do believe that live organ donation should be legal. There is an enormous number of people in need of transplants, and in order to decrease the number of people that have died in the past decade due to the failure of receiving an organ transplant, live organ donation should be seen as a beneficial thing. With that said, I strongly feel that the act of donating an organ should be completely voluntary. Nobody should feel pressured to do so because, as we all know, there are risks involved. Also regarding the risks involved, I believe it should be the duty of a doctor to describe both the pros AND cons of live organ donation. All in all, I see live organ donation as an enormous act of kindness and something that could benefit many. Whether or not somebody should be able to charge for their organ is probably an issue that can be argued both ways. Although I believe you DONATE out of the goodness of your heart, if somebody wants to sell and somebody else is willing to buy, then so be it.

In response to Brandon's post, I, too, would be MORE than willing to donate an organ to save a family member. I wouldn't have to even think twice! As Brandon expressed, I agree that it should be legal to donate live organs in order to lessen the number of people dying because they couldn't get an organ in time. I also believe that if a person needs to sell their organ to make ends meet and another person is willing to buy an organ in order to save their life, it should be completely legal.

Humans are naturally inclined to want to help people, sometimes it is as simple as opening a door or donating something. But we all know, saving someone's life is a whole different story. I believe giving an organ to save someone else's life is beautiful. It shows that you are willing to give something that is 100% yours. I think it is a little risky, because there is no way of knowing if everything is going to work out. As the article stated, 70,000 individuals died while waiting for a transplant. While there are definately double that number of people living, that could have donated and saved lives. The choice to donate, though, has to be completely voluntary and not pressured into, it is a big deal. I will say, selling organs and what not is not exactly something I want to see happening, but who am I to judge?

Going off what Matt said, I think he was right when he said he would give up a kidney or a different oragn in order to save a life of a family member, I am sure I am not alone when saying i agree with that. Selling organs for money is definately the issue. It is sketchy and not the best idea for anyone, under any circumstance. Like Matt said, in third world countries the selling and removing of organs is a normal occurance and is obviously something that is illegal in the United States and something that I would never like to see happen. Obviously, the use the money received to buy things that they need. I understand that they need the money, but can we really trust how the procedures are done over there? We just need to keep organ donation safe, clean, and legal.

I have no problem with organ donation from one living person to another. I personally don't understand the controversy with this idea. If 70,000 people have died in the past decade waiting for organs, an alternative source of organs need to be legal. Its a strange idea that if you are waiting for an organ you have to hope for someone else to die. Obviously, if live organ donation was legal there would be many boundaries. I would assume that the donors heath would have to be stable enough to forfeit an organ. They should be required to talk to someone about the physical and mental side effects that could result from their donation. Live organ donation should also have age requirements, etc. The article mentioned how to know if the donor is really giving consent or they feel obligated. This would be quite hard to determine, if the donor gives consent then the process should continue. In regards to selling organs, I think it is unethical. I don't think people should be able to sell organs. Prices for organs would have to be the same for each donor which would be hard to implement. Personally, it is uncomfortable for me to talk about selling organs so Im not really sure where I stand on the issue of charging patients for organs.

I initially felt uncomfortable with the idea of people selling organs. After reading Matt's post I could see where allowing people to charge for their organs could be a good idea. I'm sure selling organs is a prevalent practice especially in poorer third world countries. The surgeries performed in these areas are done in unsanitary ways which end up resulting in problems for a healthy person. If we legalize charging for live organ donation, most donors would opt for the surgery conducted in safe OR's. Organ donors that need money will find a way to charge regardless of laws. It would be best that we create laws to keep organ donation safe, and legal in order to keep the reputation of organ donating a positive one. I also have to think about this on a personal level. If someone close to me or even myself needed an organ to survive, and no one would donate, it would be nice to know we could pay to ensure an organ and bypass the waiting list. At the same time this could be problematic for patients who couldn't afford organs, if donors require to be paid. I think I could argue this all day and still feel conflicted. ??

I agree with Alex Flemming. I think although it is wierd that people are selling their organs, it should be legal. Also I liked that he pointed out that it is the donors right to be well educated on what they are about to do and even though they may be pressured to do it, it is ultimately their decision. After being educated on it and being pressured it is still that person's legal right to say no. He also said that it is greedy to ask for money, but, if that is what they want to do, it should be legal. At the end he said that organ doning is risky, but can be really helpful. I think that is the most important thing to look at, the big picture. Although paying people for their organs is wierd and thought of as unethical, it can ultimately help save lives.

I believe you should be able to sell your organ legally, without having to resort to this black market. It is your body, and obviously, you are benefiting someone by selling your organ. Chances are you probably just saved a life. I don't believe anyone will pay a high sum of money, which is what an organ usually fetches, for say a third lung or liver. The consensus of the donor to donate is obviously critical, and at some point, when it comes to family, it is almost impossible to say no to a dying relative. The pressure one is put into is probably unimaginable. I think that for a match test, only the possible donor should be informed of whether they are a match or not, and at that point, they can decide whether they want to donate or not. If not, the doctor should let the family know that he or she was not a match. This way, there will be no harsh feelings towards the being said donor.

In regard to what Alexandra is saying, I completely understand. In our current situation, I believe the waiting list is somewhat of an urgency coupled with the first come first served basis. Having said that, it would be absolutely unfair for someone to be able to navigate through this list because of their wealth. It might lead to, and this is the slippery slope thing we were just talking about, a more elitist nation. Only rich people would be able to ensure their health and well-being while the poor has to stress out every day, not knowing whether that will be their last. The subject of being able to buy and sell organs is very odd, and like Alex said, I could not come up with an answer that would satisfy me if I spent days on it.

Organ donation between two living people should continue to be legal. I don't see any problems with living donations. It will help save many lives that would be taken if those organs wern't donated. I think that they should be able to charge hospitals for these organs, also. It is like a trade off and I think it would influence more people to sell there organs and save many lives. Even though all of this sounds good, I think more information should be given to the donators and the sellers about all of the risks. From the article, not many studies have been done but it still sounds like donators are being persuaded into giving organs, which shouldn't happen. I know that there is a need for organs, but a donator should be able to make his/her own decision and not be persuaded in any form. This decision will obviously effect the donator for the rest of his/her life, so why don't we let them make it for themselves?

I believe that if someone wants to give up their organs they should be allowed to. It doesn't matter if it is completely voluntary or they are selling it to someone who is a little more unfortunate. Many people from third world countries are now selling their organs for, in their point of view, a lot of money that is useful for their family and themselves. Although this may be somewhat unethical to some, I believe that it should be allowed anyways because it is still helping another's cause.

In response to the blog, I believe that living organ donation has many advantages. Selling organs seems unethical to most people but I think it should be allowed. Many people that donate organs actually use that money to support themselves and their family. It is a sad method of making money, but in some cases, people believe that is a good way of making a profit. I believe that living organ donation is something that people choose to do; it is not mandatory. There is a process people have to go to in order to donate their organs. The organs have to be their choice to donate and the organs have to be in good shape in order to give to another person. It is the owner’s choice as to whether or not they donate their organs so it should not be a controversial issue since people are not forced to donate. Before donating organs, I believe donors should understand the repercussions of donating and also become educated on the overall process. If the donor is well educated on the procedure, and they are not pressured to donate their organs, I believe it should be legal. Overall, I think living organ donation is unprincipled but it should be legal as long as the donor is qualified to donate and they are well educated about the process.

In response to the bog, I agree with Travis. Organ donation is a voluntary action and it should continue to be legal as long as the donor is okay with it. He is also right about organ donation contributing to a helping cause. Some people are not blessed with healthy organs so if a person is willing to donate their organs to someone who is less fortunate then organ donation should continue to be legal. Also, I believe a person should not donate a vital organ because they will not benefit from it. It should be the donor’s choice as to whether or not they donate and also they should be educated about the donating process. Overall, organ donation may seem unethical to some but it should continue to be legal because it may help another person in need.

After reading the article, many thoughts came to my mind from the stand point of the living organ donor. I believe first of all that organ donating should be legal. I find that the results are very convincing. A reason as to why I think it should be legal is that by doing it you're helping others living a longer and healthier life. As long as the surgery obviously does not harm you, the donor, in any way then it should be perfectly acceptable. On to the aspect of should their be a charge for it, I don't think there should be. The definition of donor states of a person that gives something to another without expecting something else in return. The bioethics article had some great supportive statements as to why becoming a donor is such a powerful and helpful choice. Information is key and it provided us with a variety of it. I do understand that fact that organ donation is unethical, but I still feel as though by donating an organ to another you're giving that person another chance to live which is a very strong gift.

Using someone’s organs and putting them in someone else can seem very strange, but it can be very beneficial so it should be legal. There are many people who are very sick with long term diseases that are eating away at their organs and their only hope to live is to receive an organ donation. In many cases, a person can be an organ donation without any risks of complications from losing an organ, unless something were to go wrong during the removal. Since there is a way that we can remove these organs from people safely, it should be okay to give them to people who truly need them. On the other hand, I do not agree with people selling their organs on the black market to make a profit. If I were to give my organs, I would do it out of kindness in order for the person to get healthy. I think it would be very hard though to give up my organs to someone who I did not personally know, because even though I could live without some organs. This could be a problem for people who need organs but do not know anyone healthy to give up their organs or someone who was willing to give up their organs. Overall, I think it could depend on the case, but it should be legal as long as people are not making a profit by selling their organs.

I think that organ donation from one living human being to the other is acceptable. After all, no one is forcing person A to give their organs to person B. I do; however, do not think that person A should be guilted into giving up their organs. Person A should be approached in a completely nonbiased fashion and they should be able to feel comfortable saying no if they want to. I believe that this is a great way to save lives as long as both parties are willing and able to participate in the exchange. I also think that person A should be well informed of the side effects that could happen in the future as well as present. I do not think that it is ethical to “sell? your organs. I think that this should be a mutual exchange without any incentives in either direction. It just does not seem right to me to sell one of your organs because you need money. It seems like something that should be on the black market.

I agree with Michelle one hundred percent! Since we do not need some of our organs and we can function just fine without them I think that it should be legal to give them up if you want to. Especially to a close friend or family member that needs one. I also agree with her when she says that it is wrong to sell your organs. It just seems odd that people would go through that much trouble for a some of money. Also, if people need money that bad aren’t there other ways to go about the issue than selling a kidney? I also think that extensive background checks need to be done on the person giving the organ to ensure that there will be no problems with said organ down the road. I think that this should be kept as a formal exchange between two close people. After all what is better than the gift of life?

Live organ donation from one living person to another is and should be legal. Thousands and thousands of people need organ donations in this world, and it increases the number of recipients if living people can donate was well as deceased. I also believe that it should be of the donor's discretion if they want to sell their organs or not. After all, it is their organ, and they can do with it what they please. It may be a little unethical to make a person on their deathbed pay for it. Some people find this a golden opportunity to make a good deal of money. I definitely think that the donor should get proper information about the benefits and disadvantages of organ donation, not just the benefits like it states in the article. They should more informed especially if the donation could somehow affect medical insurance somewhere down the road. Overall, I believe it is a wonderful thing for one person to donate an organ to, in some instances, save another person's life.

I think that organ donation from one living person to another should be legal. We are clearly in a shortage of organs and the ability of the human body to re-grow or recover from organ donation is great. I think that the use of live organs and the organ donation at the time of death are both good ways to get organs for people on the transplant list. I do not think it should be legal for monetary exchange for live organs. Asking someone in critical need to pay for a new organ is not ethical. The person on the transplant list is obviously severely ill and most likely has extremely high medical bills already. Asking to pay for a new organ would be like robbing the person of their future life. Donation of an organ should be out of the goodness of your heart and the want to help people, not to just pick up some extra cash.

I agree with Christy's post. The organ exchange between two living people should have no pressure or bias. The donor and recipient should have a mutual agreement, not a pressured agreement. I think that both parties involved should know all of the risks and benefits of the surgery and transplant. Like Christy, I still believe that there should be no exchange of money in the process of organ donation. After all, the family members of a deceased organ donor do not expect compensation for the organs being harvested.

I think that if someone wants to donate their organ to someone else in order to help them then they should be able to do it. I also believe that the agreement between the donor and the recipient is between them. I don't think that any money should be exchanged but there would be no way to prevent it. It could easily be done under the table. I think that it would be unethical to involve money. There is no reason for it to be illegal and they are our organs after all. Why not help out a fellow neighbor with a kidney?

I think that live organ donation should be legal in the United States. Like the article stated, there is a significant shortage of organs right now and if there was at all some way that we could alleviate this shortage by having living person to person donation, then I don't see why not. I think there needs to be some regulations as to how it is conducted and having consent as to whether or not people want to donate their organs, but overall, I think it is a good idea. I think that if a person can afford to pay for the organ, than they by all means should go ahead and pay for it. But if it is a life or death situation, then I do not think anyone should be deprived an organ because of money or the fact that they cannot afford it. No one should have to worry about that when they are struggling to stay alive as it is.

Also I believe the recipient and the donor should be in agreement on all risks and complications that may occur and their consequences. Overall, live organ donation should be legal because it can save many lives and if someone wants to charge for it, they can. I see it as very unethical but this is a free country. I agree with Travis in that if someone wants to sell their organ in order to make money for their family then why not? If someone is willing to pay and they are getting a new organ and the family is getting money to survive it is a win win thing. Whether there is money involved should be the choice of the people involved.

I believe that living donors are very beneficial to all. I think if you have organs to donate and you do not need them then why not? I believe selling organs are very wrong and unethical. I think donating organs is not something that you should expect a redeemable prize for. It is not like you gain money for donating money to a charity, you gain a good feeling. You know you have helped someone and that should be the best reward. We should use our best judgment when donating. I believe that donations especially for family should be perimitted because it is your own blood. If you can save a life do it! People who need the money when they sell their organs makes you really feel they must be desperate, but it is also sad that that is what the world has to come down to. I think that whatever makes the person feel better about themselves, then just do it.

I think that living donation is a great thing and that it helps to save many lives. Without it people who need organs have to wait on lists for years and often die on the list. However, a friend could always donate them a kidney or another organ and it could save their life. Why would someone with two super kidneys need to keep both of them if a brother or friend is a match and needs one. I have never been put in such a situation, but i strongly feel that i would want to help my friend out. I know that if i were dying of kidney failure i would hate having to wait around near death on a list waiting to get a kidney. It really just doesn't seem worth it when there is so much you can do for it.

I agree with Theresa's post that organ donation should be legal and people should be able to sell their organs. If people are in need of money they should be able to do what they want in order to get financially stable. It's their body. I also agree that the donor should get checked by a doctor to find out any major risks because as you said it would be pointless if the donor would die at the operating table or in the future after removal. Personally, I would donate one of my organs though. If a family member was in need for a new organ, I would not like to see them suffer and would want to do what I can in order to help them survive.

Even with the pressure that potential live donors feel to give their organ to someone who needs it to stay alive; I think it should remain legal. It would also be appropriate for the live donor to receive money for their organ because of potential mental and physical ramifications as a result of the live donation. It is important for this option to remain open, especially since live donors provide a large segment of the total amount of organs donated. I checked the donor box on my license and can even now say that I would willingly give up an organ to save someone else's life. Even with a moral obligation, I would want to know all of the risks I could face and the benefits to the person I am donating too. It is important for potential live donors to understand what they are getting into, so they don't donate solely because of moral obligations or financial benefits.

Erin Roehl makes a good point in saying that it is ethically wrong to have someone who is terminally ill pay for a donated organ. But I still think it would be a good thing for a live donor to get financially compensated. I'm not sure where the finances would come from, but for now I think that insurance companies and the patient in need could provide money for live donors. Giving up an organ is a substantial sacrifice and getting financial compensation would only be small pay back. I agree with Nick in that the live donor should be made aware of all possible risks and complications before giving consent or the option of financial compensation.

I agree with Michelle's blog. It should definitely be legal for a living person to donate their organs. It saves thousands of lives every year. It is most important for the living donor to be sufficiently informed before going into the procedure. They should be aware of the possible health risks down the road from only having one kidney for example. I don't really agree with Michelle on how she thinks the donors should not be able to get compensation in return for their organs. I feel they should be allowed to if they like because it's their organ and it's a way for some people to make money. This is where I agree with Stephanie. She states that the recipient should not be deprived of the organ in a life or death situation. I agree with this because it would be unethical to not give the organ in exchange for money. Even though, in the real world, people that are willing to pay the most will always get the organ transplants.

I agree with Alex Fleming. She said that selling organs should be legal, because it is a free country and it should be a person's right to sell their organs. I totally agree with this statement, because she is right; it should be a person's choice wether or not they want to sell their organs. I also agree with her statement before that. She stated that it is kind of sick that somebody would want money to save someone's life and not just donate it. I think it is kind of greedy to sell your organs, but some people need money for their family and this is a way for revenue. Overall, it might be a good way to get more organs for people who need them.

I agree with Alexandra Allard about the controversy of the issue of organ donation. With many people’s lives ending just because they cannot get an organ donation, there is no question this should be legal. I also agree with the point Alexandra made that it is weird if you are waiting for an organ, you may be wishing for someone else to die to receive a healthy organ for yourself. I also agree with the points that there would need to be many regulations on organ donations. Without regulations organ donations could get out of hand by being unsafe, unsanitary or prices would skyrocket for organs. I think there should be no black market for selling and instead it should be through health care facilities where they would be able to regulate the organs being sold to make sure the practice remains humane by not taking advantage of patients that may not want to give up their organs or may not be completely informed to give up their organs.

I agree with Nik Sak. I really think that this argument is very one sided as it is a choice that is made by both people and it will end up saving or greatly improving the life of one of those people. Without such procedures there is a really high chance that many people will actually die from such complications as liver and kidney failure that could have easily been saved. Why would we say that a friend of theirs can't just give them a kidney. Both people can then go on and lead a normal healthy life. Otherwise someone will most likely die. It seems like a waste to let someone die when they can be so easily healed.

I agree with Kaitlyn Walsh's post. I think that live organ donation should be legal, and I do not think that having a monetary reimbursement would be that unethical. I'm not sure about the insurance companies reimbursing the donor, or where they would get the money from, but that is definitely a topic worth looking into. I also agree that giving up an organ is a substantial thing to do. I mean it's not easy giving up a Kidney because what would happen if your other one where to fail? I think that they should be informed on the risks associated with it, like Kaitlyn said, so they are not solely doing it for a financial compensation.

I agree with Theresa's response to the blog. I believe organ transplants from a living person to a living person should be legal. I also think that they should be able to charge because the organ is theirs and they have the right to do whatever they want with it. The situation is very weird but is something that has the ability to save multiple lives. There are many risks to these procedures though and it is the doctor's responsibility to explain that situation to the potential donator. However, I would not pursue and operation like this just because I want to keep all my organ's intact in my body just in case someone in my family or close to me needs them in the future.

I pretty much agree with Alex. It would be safer to get surgeries practiced by actual physicians. Laws should be made to keep organ donation safe for those receiving the operation and those receiving the organ itself. If paying money can ensure health, why should we not allow paying for organs. I believe that it should just be conducted in an ethical way. I do not believe getting organs online for that matter is right.

I agree with Christine's blog earlier. I thought our views were pretty similar considering we both think organ donation should be legal, and it should be considered a good deed even if you are getting compensation for your donation. If I were put in a life and death situation and there was a donor available who is asking for money in return I'd be fine with that. It's just a small price to pay to stay alive. In my opinion, it would be well worth it. Plus you'd be helping out the donor as well so it goes both ways. Although people consider this unethical due to the fact the donor is getting something in return I think that's crap. A donor shouldn't have to give up 100%. If he or she wants something in return for a life saving favor that's fine with me.

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