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Blogging About Blogging

Thanks for blogging about ethics in technical communication this semester! Blogging has fulfilled a requirement for this course (ethics) and it has helped me learn how to set-up a blog. I will be blogging with freshman next semester (a freshman comp class with for health science majors) about ethics in health care. Please give me feedback on how to make the blogging better. I hope to have them replying to each other posts...but I am not sure what else would be helpful. Thanks for your feedback. Also--do any of your classes have facebook groups? What do you think of that possibility? Thanks Again.


i've had a couple classes that had some sort of blogging and some are set up a little differently if you want to have more interaction between the students. i think the one on webvista, which you can set up as a teacher, has more interaction. the teacher would post a question in the "discussion" section of webvista and than students could post comments. you than can read a posted comment and comment directly to that comment. make sense? so our teacher would make us post an original comment and than go and read couple of someone else's and comment on their thoughts. i think that would get a little more interaction and discussion between the students if that is what you are looking for.

This was my first class that ever involved blogging and also my first blogging in general. Overall, this is a good method to get people thinking and sharing thoughts. I am not sure if this type of set-up that we used was the best; it was a bit difficult to find. I also saw that webvista has some sort of blog now, but I am not sure what you will be using. Anyway, I advise not to do anything with facebook.com...we should just keep that for fun, not school:) Best of luck with the freshmen!

Well to help these student, my advise would to give them material that they would be interested in reading. The length of the material is important too. Younger student might not want to spend a 45 minutes reading a an article that they do not like. Another thing that would help is making it easier for them to long on. Maybe send out an email so they can log on via link form that email.

This is the first class that I have taken where we were required to blog. I would have to say that in order for this to be a success you are going to have to limit the amount of reading you assign along with the blog. Students have a lot of other material to read and when they are faced with lengthy articles on things that they don't find interesting it makes it hard to contribute with full effort. In addition to the length of material, I would suggest that you give students more freedom to talk about whatever they want. Other than that, I didn't think that the blogs were as bad as I thought they would be.

As for the blogging, I would have liked a specific question to answer. It felt like the questions just asked what we thought was ethical about the article, when instead it could have been a more direct question like; give 3 examples of how ethics in (blank) was nociced/used.

in order to blog and reply to blogs i would use vebvista, theres an option in that program where you can have a subject heading and set the kids up in several groups and they then reply to an initial post. This method was set up so that we would read an article, post on what ethical technology issues we found and then were requried to repost about 2 other of the submissions.

you need to somehow fit people in groups, having 24 students required to read 24 posts and reply to one they like is a bit much i think.

Im not sure about facebook, the wall to wall option seems to work with just 1 to 1.

The blogging wasn't a problem at all, but one suggestion I do have for the upcoming freshmen would be to make the topics interesting and short. If they interest the freshmen, they'll have more to say and if they're short, they'll actually read them. As far as facebook groups, I would say go for it, facebook is addictive anyway and that'd just get the facebookers during class out of the way so why not? If all else fails, humor always saves the day!!