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Don Lucia understands the expectations

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Arguably one of the most distinguishable athletic programs in the State, as the head coach, Don Lucia understands the high expectations of the Gopher men's hockey team.
After 13 years as the head coach he has collected two hockey championships and a staggering 595 wins, but the critics still make their voices heard and Lucia understands that, the Pioneer Press reported.
Failing to make the NCAA Tournament the previous three seasons did not boast very well with fans and alumni. Lucia admittedly recalled it as a difficult time when talks of an extension were widely criticized. Lucia acknowledges that showing progress on the ice and job security goes hand in hand.
Aside from the disappointments on the ice, Lucia experienced a string of unfortunate events in the past few years personally. He overcame an illness and last July his father passed away the Star Tribune reported.
On the eve of the first NCAA Tournament game in over three years, Lucia still hears the critics. Lucia told the Pioneer Press that you should not be here if you can't handle the expectations.

Influential Egyptian leader mourned

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As the head of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt, Pope Shenouda III was remembered by the Egyptian people as more than a pope. According to the Egyptian Gazette he died on Saturday night. He was 88.
Pope Shenouda's role in mixing politics and the Orthodox Church was a breakthrough, yet controversial in a nation with only 10 percent of the population being Coptic Christians reports.
As religious and government officials mourned the loss of Pope Shenouda, his life-long desire to preserve and unite people under Egyptian culture is widely recognized among citizens of the country.
The Eypgtian Gazette reports that Pope Shenouda held high the ideals and values of education and family.
The death of the head of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church comes at an especially difficult and unstable time in Egypt. reports that the process of finding a new leader will most definitely encompass a number of problems.

The Legacy of Joel Maturi

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Since Joel Maturi announced the end of his tenure as the athletic director at the University of Minnesota's intercollegiate athletic program, his achievements and shortcomings over the past ten years have been recognized.
Some of his most notable accomplishments include the new TCF Bank football stadium and the merging of both the men's and women's athletic programs according to MPR News.
And though Maturi brought gopher football back to campus, the lack of success on the new field is just one of the many difficulties he faced during his stretch as athletic director. The men's basketball program has also struggled to win conference games with acclaimed head coach Tubby Smith.
Maturi plans to stay with the University next year as a faculty member in helping with the transition. University president Eric Kaler announced an advisory and search committee that will help look for a new athletic director and plan to have the position filled by the beginning of May, CBS Minnesota reported.

The real Tim Tebow

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The NFL quarterback sensation offers a rare look inside his life beyond football and religion with an exclusive interview with USA Today.
Tebow's humanitarianism and religious convictions are well documented and discussed in the media, but what about Tim Tebow the person?
He describes himself as a "homebody" and his favorite thing to do off the field is spending time laughing with family and friends and finds public appearances to be awkward and unnatural.
Tebow is well attuned to the negative media attention that he attracts, but says that he does his best to avoid it in an interview with Hannah Storm.
The superstardom life of an athlete is not attractive to him and instead he focuses on keeping faith and family at the center of his life. In hopes to be a good role model for young fans, Tebow chooses not to consume alcohol.
Easily the most hyped and talked about question regarding the 24-year-old, is his love life. With so much speculation in the media, Tebow, who currently is single, uses the word "careful" more than once to describe this part of his life in the interview with USA Today.

Dr. Eugene Ott, more than just a physician

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With a desire to help those less fortunate, Dr. Eugene Ott utilized his medical career and knowledge to serve the poor. He died on Jan. 12 at his home in Edina according to the Star Tribune.
Ott ran his own private practice for 22 years, but in 1977 he became a teaching assistant at the Department of Family Medicine at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis.
He spent a large amount of his time volunteering to help those less fortunate. Ott traveled all over the world to places like Haiti, Mexico, South Africa, Iraq, and Cuba to contribute his knowledge to improve the medical care. He also involved locally with Minnesotans. He started the Success by 6 programs in the Minneapolis' Phillips and Powderhorn neighborhoods.
Originally from Milwaukee, Ott grew up in Minneapolis and graduated from St. Thomas and the University of Minnesota Medical School. He had 11 children with his wife Mary Lou Mulcahey.

Man hit by SUV in gas station parking lot

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A 65-year-old man was struck and pinned underneath an SUV at the Super America gas station in Woodbury on Wednesday morning.
The man hit is Kenneth Burke from Little Canada, The Woodbury Bulletin reported.
According to the Star Tribune, Burke is in critical condition at Regions Hospital with head injuries and a broken leg.
The Star Tribune reported that upon waiting for the first responders, numerous bystanders rushed to help and comfort Burke who was crossing the gas station parking lot as a Ford Excursion truck ran him over. Police identified the driver of the SUV as 47-year-old Michael Carroll from Woodbury. Carroll said that he did not see Burke while looking around for an open gas pump.
The incident is still under investigation and the Woodbury Bulletin reports that the Woodbury Police do not believe Carroll was being reckless, but want to verify the exact reasoning for the accident.

Keystone Pipeline still an issue

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President Obama is trying to influence Senate Democrats against a plan proposed by the Republicans to proceed with the construction of the Keystone oil pipeline.
According to Politico, a vote is scheduled for today and is expected to be close with two Democrats already onboard with the Republicans.
Republicans and other critics of the president's stance assert that Obama is preventing an opportunity to create jobs at a time of economic crisis, Politico reports.
The president and White House officials say the pipeline poses environmental concerns and claimed that Republicans are using this issue to play politics, USA Today reports.

Gunman charged in Norway Massacre

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Prosecutors indicted confessed killer Anders Behring Breivik on Wednesday with terrorist acts that killed 77 people last summer.
Views and News from Norway reported that Breivik was charged with two separate terrorist acts. One from a bomb that killed eight people in Oslo and the other for murder of 69 people on Utoya Island.
The Boston Globe reports that the terror charges hold a maximum penalty of 21 years in prison, but can be extended.
Prosecutors said that is it unlikely that Breivik will go jail. The Boston Globe reported they deem him to be mentally unstable and "will seek a sentence of involuntary commitment to psychiatric care instead of imprisonment."
The trial is set to begin on April 16, according to Views and News from Norway.

President working towards lower gas prices

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Barack Obama retaliated against his critics at a White House news conference on Tuesday, who claimed the president wants gas prices to rise.
According to CBS News, the president told Fox News correspondent Ed Henry that it would be a political disaster for him to go into re-election with a desire for gas prices to go up.
A notable critic of the president is GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. Last month on CBS This Morning he claimed that Obama wants to steer people towards alternative energy sources and therefore wants gas prices to rise.
According to Fox News, the president is planning on setting up a team to research the oil markets and pinpoint what is the driving factor in the rising prices of oil. The president is also extremely focused on investing in future clean energy technologies.
Right now gas prices are higher than they have ever been at this time of the year and in the past month have risen over 28 cents per gallon, CBS News Reports.
The president said the gas prices are aligned with a 30 year pattern, rising this time of year and then dropping again, Fox News reported.

Rory A. Koch, a GOP staffer in the Minnesota House of Representatives was charged with 12 counts of possessing child pornography, Kare 11 reported.
The Star Tribune reports that this investigation goes back to September 2009 when the Minnesota Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force associated Koch and a screen name that was distributing child pornography. In 2010, two computers were confiscated from his home in St. Paul after an arrest warrant was issued.
Several images of under aged males and females were located on the computer, but Koch reiterated that he did not realize he distributed the photos and tried to delete them, Kare 11 reported.
According to the Star Tribune, Koch is on leave from the Minnesota House Republican caucus and his bail is set at $10,000.

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