Influential Egyptian leader mourned

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As the head of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt, Pope Shenouda III was remembered by the Egyptian people as more than a pope. According to the Egyptian Gazette he died on Saturday night. He was 88.
Pope Shenouda's role in mixing politics and the Orthodox Church was a breakthrough, yet controversial in a nation with only 10 percent of the population being Coptic Christians reports.
As religious and government officials mourned the loss of Pope Shenouda, his life-long desire to preserve and unite people under Egyptian culture is widely recognized among citizens of the country.
The Eypgtian Gazette reports that Pope Shenouda held high the ideals and values of education and family.
The death of the head of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church comes at an especially difficult and unstable time in Egypt. reports that the process of finding a new leader will most definitely encompass a number of problems.

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