President working towards lower gas prices

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Barack Obama retaliated against his critics at a White House news conference on Tuesday, who claimed the president wants gas prices to rise.
According to CBS News, the president told Fox News correspondent Ed Henry that it would be a political disaster for him to go into re-election with a desire for gas prices to go up.
A notable critic of the president is GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. Last month on CBS This Morning he claimed that Obama wants to steer people towards alternative energy sources and therefore wants gas prices to rise.
According to Fox News, the president is planning on setting up a team to research the oil markets and pinpoint what is the driving factor in the rising prices of oil. The president is also extremely focused on investing in future clean energy technologies.
Right now gas prices are higher than they have ever been at this time of the year and in the past month have risen over 28 cents per gallon, CBS News Reports.
The president said the gas prices are aligned with a 30 year pattern, rising this time of year and then dropping again, Fox News reported.

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