The real Tim Tebow

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The NFL quarterback sensation offers a rare look inside his life beyond football and religion with an exclusive interview with USA Today.
Tebow's humanitarianism and religious convictions are well documented and discussed in the media, but what about Tim Tebow the person?
He describes himself as a "homebody" and his favorite thing to do off the field is spending time laughing with family and friends and finds public appearances to be awkward and unnatural.
Tebow is well attuned to the negative media attention that he attracts, but says that he does his best to avoid it in an interview with Hannah Storm.
The superstardom life of an athlete is not attractive to him and instead he focuses on keeping faith and family at the center of his life. In hopes to be a good role model for young fans, Tebow chooses not to consume alcohol.
Easily the most hyped and talked about question regarding the 24-year-old, is his love life. With so much speculation in the media, Tebow, who currently is single, uses the word "careful" more than once to describe this part of his life in the interview with USA Today.

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