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Dick's Last Resort is the latest restaurant to open at the Mall of America and it gives customer service an entire new meaning, specializing in sarcasm and offensiveness.

Oddly located near Hooters and the Princess Diana exhibit, the restaurant filled the 10 year vacant space previously occupied by Planet Hollywood, reports CBS Minnesota.

According to the Star Tribune, quirky employees of the restaurant go through a series of interviews that are more like auditions and consist of charades, improvisation, and competitions.

The vibe of the place can best be described by a grandmother's tall paper hat that read "I lost my virginity to George Washington."

The menu consists of the standard Southern food in proportionally large sizes of ribs, catfish, burgers and more.

The restaurant is part of chain of restaurants that has been around for 27 years and is doing very well in the land of Minnesota nice, the Star Tribune reported.

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