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Deadly plane crash in Pakistan

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A passenger plane crash in Pakistan killed all 127 people onboard as it was trying to land at the airport in Islamabad on Friday.

According to IBN World the aircraft was a Bhoja Air Boeing 737-200 that took off from Karachi and was heading to the capital city in poor weather conditions, which included violent rain, wind and thunderstorms.

Villagers and rescue workers worked together to search for bodies among the wreckage that was scattered out over a one-kilometer area, India Today reported.

"The plane burst into air like a ball of fire," an eyewitness at the crash site said. "There were bodies all around."

India Today reported that this was Bhoja Air's first evening flight from Karachi. The airline had just restarted operations after it was discontinued because of financial difficulties in 2001.

Thousands of Filipinos commemorated the end of lent during the days leading up to Easter with gory religious sacraments that included whipping their backs, carrying wooden crosses, and nailing themselves to crosses.

According to Reuters, these practices are widely discouraged by Catholic leaders but many Catholic Filipinos are devoted to the tradition which is believed to get rid of sins and cure illness.

In nearby village's followers of the religion watched as devotees wearing thrones made of twigs were nailed to crosses by men dressed as "Roman centurions" in reenactments of Jesus Christ's suffering, Seattlepi reported.

Catholicism is the dominant religion in the Philippines, practiced by over 80 percent of Filipinos, Reuters reports.

Spain proposes $36 billion in budget cuts

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In an effort to avoid following the footsteps of fellow European countries of collecting international bailout money, the new Spanish government made drastic cuts in the 2012 budget.
According to the Wall Street Journal , the new conservative government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy cut €27 billion of spending, which is a 9.6 percent decrease from 2011.
This comes as a response to their overspending on public funding last year, including a €6.3 billion increase in taxes. The government deemed the cuts necessary for the Spanish economy to stay afloat according to a World News report.
One of Spain's largest budget cuts will be made possible with major increases in income-taxes according to the Wall Street Journal.

Influential Egyptian leader mourned

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As the head of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt, Pope Shenouda III was remembered by the Egyptian people as more than a pope. According to the Egyptian Gazette he died on Saturday night. He was 88.
Pope Shenouda's role in mixing politics and the Orthodox Church was a breakthrough, yet controversial in a nation with only 10 percent of the population being Coptic Christians reports.
As religious and government officials mourned the loss of Pope Shenouda, his life-long desire to preserve and unite people under Egyptian culture is widely recognized among citizens of the country.
The Eypgtian Gazette reports that Pope Shenouda held high the ideals and values of education and family.
The death of the head of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church comes at an especially difficult and unstable time in Egypt. reports that the process of finding a new leader will most definitely encompass a number of problems.

Gunman charged in Norway Massacre

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Prosecutors indicted confessed killer Anders Behring Breivik on Wednesday with terrorist acts that killed 77 people last summer.
Views and News from Norway reported that Breivik was charged with two separate terrorist acts. One from a bomb that killed eight people in Oslo and the other for murder of 69 people on Utoya Island.
The Boston Globe reports that the terror charges hold a maximum penalty of 21 years in prison, but can be extended.
Prosecutors said that is it unlikely that Breivik will go jail. The Boston Globe reported they deem him to be mentally unstable and "will seek a sentence of involuntary commitment to psychiatric care instead of imprisonment."
The trial is set to begin on April 16, according to Views and News from Norway.

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