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Our group decided to present the information in the form of a lecture. In order to have a visually engaging presentation we chose to use a prezi instead of a power point, this will allows us to add slides, pictures, videos in an efficient and effective way. Our experience is that this visual tool is often times more interactive than having a lecture without any other material.
Since there are five of us, we have decided to work collectively on building our overall argument and then split so that each one of us has a focus area building towards a connection between the works of Luis Valdez and Mexico's Colonization led by Cortez.
Our goal is for the audience to understand that history can and does have an impact on our action and thoughts today.

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In general, this format sounds engaging. Be mindful: 20 minutes is not a long time. The details of each group member's contribution to the presentation are faint at the moment. You'll need to fill them in and figure out if it is feasible to have each person talk. 5 people, 4 minutes each. What's are the benefits and downfalls of this rapid-fire presentation of material? How will forward your main claim? To me, it seems like the main claim is what you state last: History impacts the present. I agree. But how specifically is this true for your topic.

A couple of things to keep in mind.
1. Prezi is visually engaging but it is also distracting (I got this comment from several students last year). You'll have to use it strategically to reinforce the main ideas you talk about.

2. Remember to post the addendum to your initial proposal in order refine the scope of your presentation. Answers to the questions I posed to the entire group will, in turn, influence your presentation.

Grade: 90%

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