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The colonization of Mexico has affected Chicanos as a whole and is present in modern theatre. We will define Chicano as a person of Mexican descent that focuses on taking pride of one's Mexican origins and does allow for an American or European identity mixed in with the Mexican (according to Mexica-Movement).
We will begin our argument with a short intro of Valdez (the most prominent figure in modern Chicano theatre) and dissect our way back to the history of Mexico's colonization and how those lasting effects are still present today. First, we want to compare some of the Aztec notions of performance which were quite different than our understanding of it and then contrast them with the aspects of their rituals that have persevered through time. The biggest example of this being the focus on religion as a means to create identity which Valdez talks about extensively.
Then, with the arrival of the Spanish, we will try to convey how the impact of this Westernization is evident to this day, and specifically in theater. We want to use Valdez and the Chicano Theatre Movement surrounding him, to provide a modern scope through which to view the past. Hopefully, at the end of our presentation, people will be able to determine for themselves what has and has not changed.

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First, thank you for taking all of my previous questions and prodding seriously. It looks like you have a plan to tackle the difficult maneuver of accessing the past through a relatively recent theatrical experience. Second, I think your argument looks good. You'll need to refine that first sentence in order to go into more detail. How specifically did the colonization of Mexico affect Chicanos as a whole? You can get super specific with your answer. For example, you can say more than "it affected their identity." Tell us what about their identity was formed by the colonization.

Good work! Keep it up!
Grade: 95%

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