February 19, 2009

New Media Blog Entry 1

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March 12, 2009

New Media Blog Entry 3

This past week’s discussion of digital divide really intrigued me. I really enjoyed the speaker we had talking about a local case of digital inclusion. It was nice to understand it at a local level before trying to understand in at a global level. I think there are a lot of great things that come from Minneapolis’ initiative to pioneer citywide wireless and programs that educate those who do not have access to certain technologies. This is important to me in terms of what I think is socially responsible and taking the concerns of citizens and actually listening to them. Though the program is still developing there is still a lot of positive aspects coming out of the education and availability that Minneapolis is setting for many other urban cities.

I agree that the need for inclusion is a necessity. For those of us fortunate to keep up with technology it is hard enough to learn the next best thing. But for those who may not have computers or the Internet this is even harder. Technology is not going anywhere and we all have to change with it. The progressive legislation to get programs like digital inclusion and support programs is making it possible for everyone to at least have access and know how technology works.

This is also crucial with the way print publications are moving. With the struggle to keep major magazines and newspapers afloat, there is a shift to online content. Plus if this is the only way to access it there is an exclusion of the market that needs the news but cannot access it. Then on top of that if there is access they don’t know how to use the media. Sp with the shift to online it is very important to have these programs and access to everyone.

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New Media Blog Entry 4

The video we watched the other day about how the web will evolve to have more capacity of the human brain was interesting. But the more intriguing issue was what we talked about after the video. What was the most important out of the issue dealing with globalization and the digital divide. I thought it was really interesting to read the articles about the digital problems in Africa and other technologically struggling nations. My take on this issue and the best solution was with the article on satellites. I think this is more for the overall picture of things. Breaking it down to what is the most pressing issue and then going from there. I think it is important to include and provide the service to have everyone connected before the implementation of many other programs we have discussed. I feel that this would alleviate a lot the problems with weak or unstable signals. With the satellites there is the cost saving and qualities in the fact that it is only a few satellites and then instead of sending and message or program 200 million times to 200 million people you are sending it once and still reaching that 200 million or so people.

I think in taking this step first it then allows for more successful programs like the digital inclusion and citywide wireless. Also this would support programs like OLPC and less conflicts with digital communications stations. To have the capability to provide access it gives for example the OLPC the connection to the Internet that makes the program useful. Or getting rid of the problem with citywide wireless and the loss of connections, this would apply to the technology centers as well. Having the access is the first step to get the most out of the progressive programs that are trying to rid the problems of digital divides. This would also allow those who have access to get access anywhere and stay more connected with the world and help gain knowledge of world issues like digital divide and maybe support programs to help alleviate this problem

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May 1, 2009

New Media Blog Entry 5

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