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May 1, 2009

New Media Blog Entry 6

I was really interested in the talks that we have on gender in class. It often refers to biological sex and differences between male and female. The topic is very subjective and depends on who you are talking to but I believe it can be more complicated than male and female. For instance someone who identifies as a transgender. This becomes extremely complicated. For one this person may say they are transgender, but identify with the male pronoun, or vis versa. So then you have people who may not know what pronoun they use so someone may some them ma'am or sir, when they may not identify with one or the other. There is also those who don't like transgender and say they are queer and identify that way. But then people may think they are just a homosexual, when really they just feel queer represents who they are that may not mean they like the same sex. So yes it can very complicated when breaking it down to just male and female.

Also, I feel that gender is very socially constructed. Socially gender roles in the past have been created and are still present today. Though a lot of people are breaking them and trying to change that stigma, there is still this woman-role and man-role we put ourselves in. There is a fine line with gender-bending and it is not looked on very lightly in society. There is a hetero-normative connotations that label different people and the pressure to measure is shown in our movies, TV shows, and magazines. There are a lot of progressive people out there trying to get rid of these social constructions, but the amount of time they have existed it has been ingrained in societies heads.

Gender is learned and performed, I feel as though this statement is very hard to counter. There are many people that do learn gender based on how they were raised, but there are those who learn it but don't perform it. Take for instances parents who make their children play with certain toys, boys= G.I. Joe and girl=Barbie's. This reinforces, and ingrains that this is the way a man and a woman should be and act. Also for GLBTAQ (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Ally, Queer) individuals they may not agree and in fact despise the gender they learned and will not perform it. There is also something to say about adolescent girls who may be labeled a "tom-boy" just the label in itself is telling them they are acting like a boy and so it conditions them to imitate boys. I think gender is learned, but not always performed and if preformed it is challenging or assimilating to gender roles.

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