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Service-Learning Log 1

(Due to various problems, I got a late start at my community organization this semester. This documents my first week there.)
It seems that there are fewer students volunteering at my organization this semester than last, which I think will generally be a good thing. The homework help program usually has about 5-8 kids a day, and many of them don't need help with their homework, they just come to have a place to work on it (I think many of them also come simply because they get snacks when their homework is done). Last semester we usually had about four volunteers a day, which was simply far more than were needed. I probably spent a total of about one or two hours actually helping kids with homework last semester. Another problem is simply that many of the kids don't want to their work, but having more volunteers really does not help that. I think that a more reasonable number of volunteers will be a benefit this semester.