WikiLeaks publishes Iraq documents

The website WikiLeaks published classified military documents from the Iraq war Friday.

According to the Associate Press, this was the second major release of classified U.S. war documents by the website in the past four months. In July, WikiLeaks posted almost 77,000 documents from the Afghan conflict.

Officials believe the release will emphasize the failings of the Iraqi government.

CNN reported the release provides a new picture on how many Iraqi citizens have been killed and Iran's involvement in supporting Iraqi militants, according to the New York Times, just one of the many news organizations the information was released to before it was published on the site.

The Pentagon is not happy with the release, and is worried about the people named in the documents.

"There are 300 names of Iraqis in here that we think would be particularly endangered by their exposure," Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell said. "We have passed that information on to U.S. Forces Iraq. They are in the process right now of contacting those Iraqis to try to safeguard them."

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