Obama expected to visit Indonesia

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Obama plans to visit Indonesia as part of his tour of Asia, but may be delayed due to the eruption of an Indonesian volcano.

The Associated Press reported that the eruption of Mount Merapi has killed 138 in the past two weeks, and it's continual spewing of ash has delayed many international flights, including those carrying burn cream and ventilators for victims of the eruption.

CNN reported that Obama's visit to Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim country, has been met with Muslim protests on Sunday. The protests have been organized by the Muslim group Hizbut Tahrir, and some 20,000 people attended the rallies.

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You effectively used the word "but" to signal a change in direction in the lead. It is conveyed to the reader. The proper style of Obama probably should have been President Barack Obama and using Obama on second reference. A specification of 138 people being killed, rather than just 138, would have helped the reader understand the context better. Changing the style between paragraphs would have helped the story remain more interesting. Both paragraphs began with "source reported." Overall it was an interesting piece.

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