Tourette Syndrome used as defense for 'hiccup girl'

The lawyer for a Florida teenager charged with murder is exploring Tourette Syndrome as a possible defense.

Jennifer Mee, 19, gained fame as "hiccup girl" in 2007, when she had hiccups for five straight weeks, and appeared on talk shows and in the news. She was later diagnosed with Tourette Syndrom, her attorney said.

CNN reported that while hiccups can be a symptom of Tourette Syndrom, multiple symptoms must be present for diagnosis, and she was reported saying that she had no other symptoms.

Dr. Jonathan Mink, a professor of neurology at the University of Rochester in New York, said that it would be hard to say she does have Tourette Syndrom, and if she did, it would not be relevant to the case.

"This is not a disorder that leads to violent behavior," Mink said.

MSNBC reported that the spotlight Mee was in when she had her uncontrollable hiccups may come into play in her prosecution according to the lead investigator in the case against her.

Mee's mother said that the spotlight turned out to be a "curse".

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