Analysis: CAR

In an four part investigation of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp., America's second largest railroad, by the Star Tribune, the reporter used computer assisted reporting.

The reporters pooled many court documents to pull this article series together. The provide the documents they refer to in PDF links alongside the article. They write an article about the whole controversy with the BNSF Corp., but also provide a different type of media each day for four days.

The first day they use an interactive map to show readers the BNSF Corp.'s past history with the courts in seven states, including Minn. The court documents are again provided.

The second day the reporters a side story about one particular case involving two dead workers. It gives a specific example of how the main article is relevant to others. This means the reporters went through court documents and after analyzing certain cases, furthered reported on specific people.

The reporter's go on to give the readers different pieces of the puzzle and let them put it all together.

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