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Heisman winner under controversy

Auburn quarterback Cam Newton was awarded the Heisman Trophy Saturday night, but his father remained absent from the ceremony.

Newton's father, Cecil Newton, is currently under investigation by the NCAA for trying to sell his son to Mississippi State, according to the New York Times. The NCAA cleared Newton for eligibility, but his father decided to avoid the ceremony so he wouldn't "rob" his son of his deserved spotlight.

Even in light of the investigation, Newton enjoyed a landslide victory, becoming the third Auburn player to win the highest honor in college football according to the Associated Press.

Troops return to St. Cloud

Members of the U.S. Army Reserve's 367th Engineer Battalion returned to St. Cloud on Sunday after a year in Iraq and Kuwait.

There were about 300 soldiers in the 367th Battalion, and 150 of them returned to St. Cloud, according to the St. Cloud Times. The Star Tribune reported that the soldiers were welcomed home at the St. Cloud Armory.

The 367th Engineer Battalion was assigned to construction duties, surveying the area and providing support services such as food and transportation while deployed.

Publicist killed in Beverly Hills

Publicist Ronni Chasen was murdered Tuesday after being shot multiple times in the chest while in her car.

Chasen was driving in her black Mercedes-Benz on Whittier Drive in Beverly Hills when she was shot in the chest. She pronounced dead at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center at 1:30 a.m., the New York Times reported.

Chasen's murder remains a mystery as there is no theory whether the attack was road rage or a planned hit, a police official said, according to CNN. No motive or suspects have been identified, he said.

5 are dead after California crash

Five people were killed and six others were injured in a California crash after a car crashed into a group of 12 motorcycles.

According to USA Today, the driver of the car, Carlos Ramirez Bobadilla, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence when alcohol was detected on his breath after the crash. It is unclear if alleged consumption contributed to the accident, and Bobadilla was arrested on a misdemeanor.

According to the motorcyclist who called 911, a gold Honda Civic attempted to pass the motorcycles, when a Dodge Avenger, driven by Bobadilla, had to swerve to miss the Honda and collided with the motorcycles, CNN reported.

Four motorcyclists and a passenger in the Avenger were killed, and five of the six injured were in serious condition.

Tourette Syndrome used as defense for 'hiccup girl'

The lawyer for a Florida teenager charged with murder is exploring Tourette Syndrome as a possible defense.

Jennifer Mee, 19, gained fame as "hiccup girl" in 2007, when she had hiccups for five straight weeks, and appeared on talk shows and in the news. She was later diagnosed with Tourette Syndrom, her attorney said.

CNN reported that while hiccups can be a symptom of Tourette Syndrom, multiple symptoms must be present for diagnosis, and she was reported saying that she had no other symptoms.

Dr. Jonathan Mink, a professor of neurology at the University of Rochester in New York, said that it would be hard to say she does have Tourette Syndrom, and if she did, it would not be relevant to the case.

"This is not a disorder that leads to violent behavior," Mink said.

MSNBC reported that the spotlight Mee was in when she had her uncontrollable hiccups may come into play in her prosecution according to the lead investigator in the case against her.

Mee's mother said that the spotlight turned out to be a "curse".

First woman elected president in Brazil

Dilma Rousseff was elected as the first female president in Brazil on Sunday.

The New York Times reported that Rousseff was elected by Brazilians in favor of continuing the current economic and social policies. Rousseff was former President Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva's chief of staff and energy minister, and promised to follow his policies.

NPR reported the Rousseff was a former Marxist guerrilla who was tortured and imprisoned during Brazil's democracy. She has never held an elected position before.

Obama stumps for Dayton

President Barack Obama visited the University of Minnesota to show support for DFL gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton Saturday and to encourage supporters to get out and vote.

The Associated Press reported that Obama also defended the policies and changes put forward by the current administration, including health care and a financial overhaul meant to stop Wall Street abuse.

The president said Dayton would keep Minnesota moving forward and said he has "spent his life fighting for Minnesota. And now I need all of you to fight for Mark Dayton."

The Star Tribune reported that Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer also held a rally Saturday in Woodbury where he discussed his plans as governor of Minnesota, which included smaller government.

Emmer said that Obama is "coming in supporting a candidate who, frankly, would follow his policies."

3-year-old missing in Pasadena

An Amber Alert was issued by police in Pasadena after a 3-year-old boy went missing Sunday.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Dylan Kurihara was last seen with his father Saturday night and was reported missing after police arrested his father for public intoxication later that night with the boy nowhere to be found.

CNN quoted the police saying, "The father, identified as Joe Kurihara, does not recall being with the child due to his level of intoxication. He was on foot at the time of his arrest and officers did not know that he was in charge of the child."

Dylan is about 32 inches tall and weighs about 35 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a blue and brown checked shirt and dark blue pants.

University of Minnesota and Mayo Team Up To Fight Diabetes

The University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic have released a research plan to cure diabetes Tuesday.

According to Minnesota Public Radio, researchers chose to focus on diabetes because the state of Minnesota spends $2.7 billion a year treating it, through Medicaid and MinnesotaCare.

The Pioneer Press reported that the organizations are hoping to raise $270 million over the next 10 years to fund the project.

Vigil Held For Rutgers Student

A silent vigil was held for at Rutgers University in New Jersey on Saturday, for a student who killed himself after his sexual relationship with a man was posted online.

Freshman Tyler Clementi committed suicide after his roommate and another student used a web cam to stream live footage of Clementi's sexual encounter with a man in his dorm room.

USA Today reported that the vigil drew a crowd of almost 1000 students, who hope that Clementi's death will bring about a much needed change.

The Star Tribune reported Rutgers President, Richard McCormick, said the vigil was a way for students to come together and "reaffirm our commitment to the values of civility, dignity, compassion and respect."

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