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After doing my Pugh Chart, I was able to narrow my ideas down from 5 to 1.
The chart helped to gather my thoughts and compare each of the 5 ideas based on criteria that was important for all 5. I chose the "Location Text Application" idea to be the standard because it was the least winter related item I had of the 5. This proved to be a good idea because it made it easier for me to compare the other 4. Here is an image of my Pugh Chart.

Pugh Chart

Though the Pugh Chart helped me to narrow down my ideas, I still had to consider for a while which idea I personally thought would be the most successful. Based on survey results from last week, recorded interest, and the ability of the product to fulfill a need (demand).

In the end I chose Glow-Salt. I came up with the name for Glow-Salt by coming up with words to describe the product, evoke a feeling that one might have while using the product, etc. For example: salt, find, visibility, glide, glow in the dark.

Here is a final sketch of my product idea!


Here is a video of my product pitch!
Ellen Wall Video.mp4



I utilized technology and social media to conduct my survey and gather market research this week. With this I collected 30 responses and was successfully able to narrow my ten ideas down to 5!

In no particular order, the following include the data I discovered regarding market research, benchmarking, patents, and material estimations.

IDEA 1: Confetti Popper That Can Pop Rapidly Multiple Times
Market Research - 57% of respondents would buy this product.
A 2x2 of similar products...Multiple Pops 2x2
The patent I found that relates closest to the idea can be found here. This patent protects the shape of a similar confetti popper wand. The top portion can be replaced by another barrel to shoot confetti multiple times (like a refill cartridge). However, it doesn't allow for the user to rapidly shoot confetti out of the same wand the way that this product would.

IDEA 2: Glow In The Dark Rock Salt
Market Research - 60% or respondents would buy this product.
A 2x2 of similar products...
Rock Salt Benchmarking 2x2
The patent that I found which relates to this product can be found here. This patent relates to glow in the dark rosin and how a glow in the dark pigment is combined with rosin. The rosin can be used for both aesthetic and practical purposes, the same as the glowing rock salt would be used. Similarly, the pigment must be combined with halite (rock salt) to produce an effect similar to the glowing rosin.

IDEA 3: Location Text App For Parents
Market Research - 57% of survey respondents would purchase this product.
A related product 2x2...
Location Text App Benchmarking 2x2
The patent that I found which relates to this topic can be found here. This patent, while similar, has fewer capabilities than the product idea of mine. The app I came up with will transfer GPS signals at set increments of time based on the location of the cell phone of the child, not a car GPS. The app texts the parent based on a time increment instead of when the child arrives at certain pre-specified location.

IDEA 4: Flavored Icicle Mold/Maker
Market Research - 53% of respondents would purchase this item.
A 2x2 of related products...
Make your own icicles benchmarking 2x2
The patent that I found which relates to this product can be found here. This patent is an ornamental popsicle shape/design that is similar to that of an icicle.

IDEA 5: Classy, 'Glassy' Confetti Popper, Ceiling Hung
Market Research - 53% of people would purchase this item.
A related product 2x2...
Classy Confetti 2x2 benchmarking
A related patent which I found can be located here. This patent includes the idea for safety class that can withstand heat and pressure. It is made of aliphatic/cycloaliphatic polycarbonate urethanes. Therefore this could potentially withstand the pressure in a small confetti cannon, improving the cheap aesthetic of current confetti cannons and becoming more appropriate for high end parties and 'fancier' applications.



For this week's assignment I based my structured ideas off of this product that many people currently use on New Year's Eve - the confetti popper. confetti popper

Here are the SCAMPER ideas I came up with this week!

Pops when thrown in air
(Substitute) This popper is thrown in the air at midnight and subsequently pops when the gauge inside senses that it is falling.

Multiple pops in 1 popper
(Combine) This popper can be popped multiple times. Pop, pop, pop!

Degradable Confetti
(Adapt) The confetti in this popper degrades and becomes dust, easily vacuumed up.

Giant 'popper' hangs above room
(Magnify/Modify) This popper is very large and hangs from the ceiling, exploding over a group of people or entire room.

Pop Garland onto Christmas Tree
(Put to other use) You can use this popper to pop some garland onto the christmas tree!

(Eliminate) Rather than being made out of plastic and tin foil and string and a million other tiny pieces, this popper is made mostly out of glass - this allows it to also be more suitable for fancy parties, not just low-key casual parties.

Magnetic Confetti Cleaner
(Reverse) Instead of popping out confetti, this magnetic vacuum sucks up the magnetic confetti. It's an easy way to clean up after a great night!

I also used the morphological analysis matrix to come up with three more ideas -

morphological analysis matrix
This is the table I made to help generate these ideas.

Crystal Confetti Can
This crystal confetti can hangs from the ceiling by hooks that attach to the can. While similar to one of my SCAMPER ideas, this is more versatile and could be used in smaller homes while still looking classy.

Confetti Vase
This vase sits on the table and therefore when it explodes, the confetti is much easier to clean up!

Personal Confetti Blower
This personal confetti blower is something that one can hold up to his or her own mouth and blow the confetti out. It's more interactive and fun! A great distraction for when you've got nobody to kiss at midnight....

Last, here are my top ten ideas!

Pops when thrown in air

Multiple pops in 1 popper

Pop Garland onto Christmas Tree

Crystal Confetti Can

Personal Confetti Blower

Location App for Parents

Glow-in-the-Dark Road Salt

Blindfold the Moments w/shutter shades

Ear muffs with pockets

make your own icicle



This week I hosted a brainstorming session with these five wonderful people:
5 Wonderful People(From left to right - Kevin, Marc, Ashlely, Beth [with cat], and Arden)

Before we jumped into the actual brainstorming, however, we played a few improv games to get inspired and start feeling creative. We started with "Look at me!" This game did not go over too well, some members were grumpy about participating. However, I think that this facilitated a lot of laughs within the rest of the group.

Next we played a game of my invention. It's called "Wiggle Wobble." The object of this game is to get people into a positive mood and moving around a little bit. To play, one person in a circle starts off by saying "wiggle wiggle, wobble wobble, wiggle, wobble, wiggle!" After the person says this, the rest of the group must clap twice, turn around in a circle and repeat it. The next person in the group then makes up two alliterative sounds/words of his or her choosing (for example bubble & bagel, higgle & howl, etc) and puts these words into the format (bubble bubble, bagel bagel, bubble, bagel, bubble) which the rest of the group must repeat after clapping twice and turning around in a circle. The game then goes on like this until the group decides to stop. My group of brainstormers played this game for a little while before moving on to our third and last game.

Our third game was the Samurai/"wah" game that we played in class a few weeks ago. This game went over best - just take a look at the joy in these faces!
Samurai Game

I turned my problem statements into the following "how might we" questions -
1. How might we help people to feel safer when traveling on New Year's Eve?
2. How might we make midnight a more exciting and inclusive moment on New Year's?

IMG_1303.JPGSo we began brainstorming. Here are the top five highest voted ideas regarding how we might help people to feel safer when traveling on New Year's Eve.
1.Thumbnail image for Inflatable Headband
(Ashley) If you get hit by a car or in the head for any reason - automatic deployment! It's an airbag for your head!

2. Location App for Parents
(Ashley) Kids won't like it, but protective 21st Century parents will love it. Every ten minutes (or customizable increment) the parents get a text about the whereabouts of their child.

3. Vomit-Proof Boots
(Arden) Walking home and afraid of getting thrown up on? Not anymore!

4. Blood Alcohol Content Bracelet
(Kevin) On a more serious note, multi-time DUI offenders could be required to wear The BAC Bracelet monitoring their BAC on nights like New Year's Eve.

5.Glow-in-the-Dark Road Salt
(Beth) Spreading Glo-in-the-Dark Road Salt will allow for cars to see where there is a lot of ice and to better see the road.

Our ideas per minute came out to be about 3.12 or about .62 per person.

For the second 'how might we,' productivity slowed slightly, but we still came up with 5 interesting ideas. Again, the topic was how might we make the midnight moment more inclusive and exciting on New Year's?

1. New Year's Mystery Champagne
(Beth) Mystery Champagne at midnight is a great way to get involved!

2. Fireless Fireworks
(Arden) Fireless fireworks could be used indoors, outdoors, and regardless of weather. It's an extra fun way to ring in the New Year!

3. Blindfold the Moments w/shutter shades
(Arden) Wear these glasses and kiss blindly at the 12:00 hour. Flip open the shutter shade and see who it is.

4. Beer Mug w/ Instructions
(Kevin) Every half hour until midnight, the mug gives new instructions. Great game for those looking to pass the time.

5. Indoor Bounce House w/ Fireworks
(Marc) Get the kids involved and tire them out so they sleep great!

IMG_1301 - Version 2.JPGOur ideas per minute fell here and our number was cut almost in half. For the group our IPM was 1.85 - that's .37 ideas each. This could have been due to the difficulty of the topic, a dwindling interest, and tiredness.

Overall we had some great content in addition to having an enjoyable time.



Topic for this assignment - New Year' Eve
As you might imagine, experiencing New Year's Eve during this past week was moderately difficult. In place of actually participating in New Year's events and activities, I decided to do a few different things. First, I watched Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2013. Not only did this get me in the mood and state of mind to think about New Year's (in November!), but from this I also gathered some information about how people behave, think, and feel.

Here are some of the conclusions I came to based on what I saw:
People are...
-Moving around a lot

The place is...
-Filled with flashing lights

New Year's Eve
In addition to watching New Year's Rockin' Eve, I also watched the 2012 movie, New Year's Eve.
From this movie, I gained a list of New Year's activities -
Ice skating, dinner parties, watching movies, watching TV (New Year's specials), drinking, kissing at midnight, feeling lonely, getting married, going to concerts, cooking, drunk driving, going on dates, attending parades, using party favors.

Third, I also did some research and I found an article from the New York Times (Link Here) that states that New Year's has the highest number of pedestrian deaths of the year.

As for the interviews, I talked with three people.
Ella - a seasoned, college-aged participant in New Year's activities
Lydia - A friend of a friend who I had never previously met
Kathryn - A woman with hardly any New Year's knowledge

Here are the insights I gathered with each of the three interviewees:
People want to look good on New Year's
People want to partake in the festivites
People want to get home safely

People want to feel safe on the way home
People want to have a fresh start on New Year's

Older people leave before midnight
People can feel pressure to have a good time
Some people don't get very into New Year's
Some people feel shy about using noisemakers

Taking all this information, here are some issues with New Year's:
-People need to find a way to feel safe on the way home because on New Year's there are a lot of drunk drivers and drunk people on the roads/sidewalks

The New York Times article about drunk driving and my interviews with Ella and Lydia led me to this conclusion. Ella said. "Getting home can be scary because people are stupid and don't have a designated driver and don't want to pay for a car service."

-People need to find a way to have a good time on New Year's because it allows them to have a fresh start for the coming year

I came to this second conclusion based on my research of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve and the movie New Year's Eve.



To prepare for this assignment I watched the funniest TV show I could think of - Whose Line is it Anyway?. This show is improv - exactly what we have been talking about in class for the last week. It helped me to open my mind and to come up with more ideas, and therefore more creative ideas.

This is the mind map that I came up with after watching Whose Line:

Mind Map

My three subcategories are
Hot Beverages
New Year's
Snowball Fights

The following are the ideas I came up with.

This is a tray that fits over the mantle of the fireplace. It keeps the food warm. This is a novelty item and probably doesn't have any practical use. Great for informercials!

Love mashed potatoes? Now you can drink them. Complete with bacon bits sprinkles.

These might seem like they've already been invented. But not necessarily. You can wear these boots out and about, not just when you want to participate in outdoor activities. Now you can walk down sidewalks without sinking into the plowed up blizzard mess.

Love cookies? Love warm cookies? Love warm ears? These are for you!

These are for you! (and your kids)

This coat will help you escape from necessary-to-attend holiday parties and final exams! Get a fever whenever you want one!

Thumbnail image for IMG_0454.jpg
Tired of wax collecting on the table? Now it's edible and you can eat it before iy melts into the table cloth.

Thumbnail image for Netflix Glasses
Another way to sidestep family holiday parties! Occupy yourself with Netflix while you pretend to listen to Uncle Bob drunkenly explain his boring office job.

Heated Sled
The bottom of this sled is heated which means you go father, faster, and [I'm sorry this is not real English] funner!

Blizzard Blanket
Spray Blizzard Blanket onto snow to instantly harden it. It can be used to build sweet igloos or really dangerous snowballs.



When's the last time you ate a cookie and at the SAME TIME you also ate your entire lunch? Okay. So maybe you have poor nutritional habits or you're busy or you happen to just really like cookies. For this reason I've created your salvation. Introducing K-Cookie. Dun DUN DUNNNN. K-Cookie will make your lunchtime dreams come true. It is an amalgamation of all your favorite lunchtime staples. Together. IN A COOKIE. Does it get better than this? I think not. With three nostalgic flavor layers K-Cookie brings you straight back to kindergarten (or if you're a poor college student like brings you back to yesterday. When I last ate these things).
Layer 1 --> Snack Layer
The snack layer is made in part of Lays potato chips and is reminiscent of a pie crust. Recipe for layer 1:

1 1/2 C Crushed (not powdered) Lays Potato Chips (if crushed too small, the dough can become tough)
3/4 C Flour
6 T Softened Butter
1-2 T Cold Water

-Stir together, careful not to knead too much to avoid bread-like consistency
-Separate dough and press firmly into the bottoms of each muffin hole on a muffin tin
-Bake 5-7 minutes or until lightly browned @ 325°F
-Let stand
Crushed Chips

lays cups

Layer 2 --> Sandwich Layer
The sandwich layer is the main course of a lunch and makes up the filling of the K-Lunch Cookie.

Recipe for layer 2:

1 C Peanut Butter
5 t. Granulated Sugar
1/4 - 2/3 C Jam or Jelly of Choice (I used raspberry jam)

-Heat peanut butter and sugar and stir together. Place a spoonful (about a one T) into each mini crust
-Add a dollop (1-2 t) of jelly/jam on top of the peanut butter in the crust
-Let stand


Layer 3 --> Dessert Layer
The dessert layer is the most traditional portion of the K-Cookie. This is also the layer that can be adapted the most to fit the tastes of the baker/eater.

Recipe for layer 3:
2 1/2 C Flour
1 t Baking Soda
1 t Salt
3/4 C (12 T) Softened Butter
3/4 C Granulated Sugar
3/4 Packed Brown Sugar
1 t Vanilla Extract
1 Cup Chocolate Chips

-Mix evenly together the flour, baking soda, salt, brown and granulated sugar.
-Cut in softened butter until crumbly and flaky consistency.
-Stir in vanilla extract and chocolate chips.
-Crumble dough onto the top of the cookie
-Press down lightly on the top of each cookie
-Bake for 5-8 minutes or until lightly browned @ 325°F
-Let cookies cool for 10 minutes in muffin tin
-Remove from muffin tin and enjoy!

cookie layer

I know what you're thinking -- DELICIOUS amiright? Well let me tell you how I took these awesome cookies from drab & (kind of but mostly totally) awful all the way to dapper, delicious, and awesome.

It took three tries for the K-Cookie to be a true success. However, each iteration included one portion that was moderately triumphant in it it's own right.

Attempt #1
The concept for the cookie originated here, but the execution for layer two, the sandwich layer, was much different. Instead of aiming for the PB&J sandwich, I went for gold with the idea of including a grilled cheese sandwich. By heating up cream cheese and cheddar cheese and stirring in some sugar I created a cheesy paste that might have been okay on its own. It was very rich and thick and flavorful. I also sautéed sliced bread in butter and chopped it up into cubes, sprinkling some of that on top of the potato chip layer, putting down the cheese, and sprinkling the rest of the bread over it. Then of course, I topped it with the chocolate chip later, baked, and tasted. These might be things that are commonly eaten together in one lunch period, but when combined into one item it produced a massive failure of a cookie.

One good thing that came out of this attempt was the discovery of the correct ingredients for the Lays potato chip layer of the final cookie.

Attempt #2
This attempt was much stronger and very close to the final recipe/method. After noticing that in attempt #1 my Lays potato chip layer was too crumbly, I tried something else. I used more water than previously used to bond the dry ingredients together. This was not the way to go because what should have been a flaky crust became a cake-like, dry, doughy mess. Not appetizing.

The other two layers were successful and delicious for this round and in attempt #3 I kept these exactly the same, producing delicious results.

Attempt #3
This was my final, successful attempt. I combined layers 2 & 3 with a new recipe (more like the recipe from the first attempt) to create a flakier, butterier crust. It was a winner!
This attempt is where the final recipe comes from and where, once a baker masters the craft, he or she can diverge to attempt new flavors that cover other common lunches.
finished cookie

Basically, this cookie is awesome and it is a new and better way to enjoy your lunch.

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