To prepare for this assignment I watched the funniest TV show I could think of - Whose Line is it Anyway?. This show is improv - exactly what we have been talking about in class for the last week. It helped me to open my mind and to come up with more ideas, and therefore more creative ideas.

This is the mind map that I came up with after watching Whose Line:

Mind Map

My three subcategories are
Hot Beverages
New Year's
Snowball Fights

The following are the ideas I came up with.

This is a tray that fits over the mantle of the fireplace. It keeps the food warm. This is a novelty item and probably doesn't have any practical use. Great for informercials!

Love mashed potatoes? Now you can drink them. Complete with bacon bits sprinkles.

These might seem like they've already been invented. But not necessarily. You can wear these boots out and about, not just when you want to participate in outdoor activities. Now you can walk down sidewalks without sinking into the plowed up blizzard mess.

Love cookies? Love warm cookies? Love warm ears? These are for you!

These are for you! (and your kids)

This coat will help you escape from necessary-to-attend holiday parties and final exams! Get a fever whenever you want one!

Thumbnail image for IMG_0454.jpg
Tired of wax collecting on the table? Now it's edible and you can eat it before iy melts into the table cloth.

Thumbnail image for Netflix Glasses
Another way to sidestep family holiday parties! Occupy yourself with Netflix while you pretend to listen to Uncle Bob drunkenly explain his boring office job.

Heated Sled
The bottom of this sled is heated which means you go father, faster, and [I'm sorry this is not real English] funner!

Blizzard Blanket
Spray Blizzard Blanket onto snow to instantly harden it. It can be used to build sweet igloos or really dangerous snowballs.


Your ideas are extremely novel and downright humorous. I appreciate your little tag descriptions under the picture stating what the product might be useful for, I felt almost convinced to buy some of these just by the way you worded them. I would try to up the contrast in the photos to make them a little nicer to look at as to not distract from your drawings. Also if the photos were a tiny bit larger, that might be nice. Take a little more time with your drawings. These obviously don't need to be fully rendered, but maybe take a little more time with your lines, scale, lettering to make it more design friendly. It seems like you had a lot of fun with this and your mind map is nice in its expansion. For the mind map I would make a few more visual elements in maybe with drawing or use of color.

Hey Brah!
First of all, I liked the overall layout of your blog. Your text to photo ratio works well and encourages me to keep scrolling. The description under each photo is beneficial as it helps me to understand fully the context of the product. One improvement you could make is to scan your photos instead of taking a picture. This way they can be nice and flat and no distracting background. (or just use your mad photo skills and take them straight on and crop out the background later). I think you fulfilled the assignment of coming up with silly ideas, but I also think some of these can turn into real products. Good choice on what you did for fun!

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