Topic for this assignment - New Year' Eve
As you might imagine, experiencing New Year's Eve during this past week was moderately difficult. In place of actually participating in New Year's events and activities, I decided to do a few different things. First, I watched Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2013. Not only did this get me in the mood and state of mind to think about New Year's (in November!), but from this I also gathered some information about how people behave, think, and feel.

Here are some of the conclusions I came to based on what I saw:
People are...
-Moving around a lot

The place is...
-Filled with flashing lights

New Year's Eve
In addition to watching New Year's Rockin' Eve, I also watched the 2012 movie, New Year's Eve.
From this movie, I gained a list of New Year's activities -
Ice skating, dinner parties, watching movies, watching TV (New Year's specials), drinking, kissing at midnight, feeling lonely, getting married, going to concerts, cooking, drunk driving, going on dates, attending parades, using party favors.

Third, I also did some research and I found an article from the New York Times (Link Here) that states that New Year's has the highest number of pedestrian deaths of the year.

As for the interviews, I talked with three people.
Ella - a seasoned, college-aged participant in New Year's activities
Lydia - A friend of a friend who I had never previously met
Kathryn - A woman with hardly any New Year's knowledge

Here are the insights I gathered with each of the three interviewees:
People want to look good on New Year's
People want to partake in the festivites
People want to get home safely

People want to feel safe on the way home
People want to have a fresh start on New Year's

Older people leave before midnight
People can feel pressure to have a good time
Some people don't get very into New Year's
Some people feel shy about using noisemakers

Taking all this information, here are some issues with New Year's:
-People need to find a way to feel safe on the way home because on New Year's there are a lot of drunk drivers and drunk people on the roads/sidewalks

The New York Times article about drunk driving and my interviews with Ella and Lydia led me to this conclusion. Ella said. "Getting home can be scary because people are stupid and don't have a designated driver and don't want to pay for a car service."

-People need to find a way to have a good time on New Year's because it allows them to have a fresh start for the coming year

I came to this second conclusion based on my research of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve and the movie New Year's Eve.


Hey Ellen,
I liked your idea of getting into the 'New Year's Spirit' (watching movies). I wonder if you could have incorporated some form of documentaries instead of Hollywood movies? This might have given you a more realistic/less biased view of the New Year.
Seems like you chose a decent pool of people to interview, I wonder if you could have elaborated more on the interviews? The summary of each interview seems short (I'm sure you were able to gain a lot more information from each person).
The article you had liked in was a great idea! It was nice to see you incorporate research and statistics with the interviews. The statistic also supported your opportunity statement, so that is a plus!

I like the way you started your work on this assignment by getting into the right mood and watching a New Year’ Eve movie and show. For many people (including me) it’s hard to start thinking abut New Year’s Eve when there is no any snow outside. The movie you’ve chosen looks like a good match for the assignment, because of all of the different stories told there.

I would love to see the questions you asked at the interviews. Was it the same set of questions to all 3 people with different attitude towards celebrating New Year’s? I think you could also include some insights from the readings into your blog post, were they useful at all to you?

I think you brought up 2 interesting opportunities at the end of your post, as a person from a different culture, celebrating New Year’s more than Christmas, I would agree with you that most of people think about a fresh start for the coming year, and many people create lists of what they will start doing (and quit doing) starting January the 1st.

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