For this week's assignment I based my structured ideas off of this product that many people currently use on New Year's Eve - the confetti popper. confetti popper

Here are the SCAMPER ideas I came up with this week!

Pops when thrown in air
(Substitute) This popper is thrown in the air at midnight and subsequently pops when the gauge inside senses that it is falling.

Multiple pops in 1 popper
(Combine) This popper can be popped multiple times. Pop, pop, pop!

Degradable Confetti
(Adapt) The confetti in this popper degrades and becomes dust, easily vacuumed up.

Giant 'popper' hangs above room
(Magnify/Modify) This popper is very large and hangs from the ceiling, exploding over a group of people or entire room.

Pop Garland onto Christmas Tree
(Put to other use) You can use this popper to pop some garland onto the christmas tree!

(Eliminate) Rather than being made out of plastic and tin foil and string and a million other tiny pieces, this popper is made mostly out of glass - this allows it to also be more suitable for fancy parties, not just low-key casual parties.

Magnetic Confetti Cleaner
(Reverse) Instead of popping out confetti, this magnetic vacuum sucks up the magnetic confetti. It's an easy way to clean up after a great night!

I also used the morphological analysis matrix to come up with three more ideas -

morphological analysis matrix
This is the table I made to help generate these ideas.

Crystal Confetti Can
This crystal confetti can hangs from the ceiling by hooks that attach to the can. While similar to one of my SCAMPER ideas, this is more versatile and could be used in smaller homes while still looking classy.

Confetti Vase
This vase sits on the table and therefore when it explodes, the confetti is much easier to clean up!

Personal Confetti Blower
This personal confetti blower is something that one can hold up to his or her own mouth and blow the confetti out. It's more interactive and fun! A great distraction for when you've got nobody to kiss at midnight....

Last, here are my top ten ideas!

Pops when thrown in air

Multiple pops in 1 popper

Pop Garland onto Christmas Tree

Crystal Confetti Can

Personal Confetti Blower

Location App for Parents

Glow-in-the-Dark Road Salt

Blindfold the Moments w/shutter shades

Ear muffs with pockets

make your own icicle



You are off to a good start, but where are parts two, three, and four?

For part one, I thought your ideas were good but that they could have been presented in a better way. The red paper and marker color made it difficult to really see the product and the accompanying text.

I like how you harnessed the energy of the popper to decorate the Christmas tree. Maybe the popper's energy can be harnessed in other ways as well?



I think where your idea is headed is very interesting. There are a lot of applications and modifications that could really be interesting products. I would have to echo what has been said in the previous comment, your ideas although novel and creative, could have been better realized if drawn on a different paper. Also there does seem to be some parts missing. The first portion is very well documented however, and I enjoyed how your pictures were not all in the same location on the page.

I look forward to seeing the interest in the various products.

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