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After doing my Pugh Chart, I was able to narrow my ideas down from 5 to 1.
The chart helped to gather my thoughts and compare each of the 5 ideas based on criteria that was important for all 5. I chose the "Location Text Application" idea to be the standard because it was the least winter related item I had of the 5. This proved to be a good idea because it made it easier for me to compare the other 4. Here is an image of my Pugh Chart.

Pugh Chart

Though the Pugh Chart helped me to narrow down my ideas, I still had to consider for a while which idea I personally thought would be the most successful. Based on survey results from last week, recorded interest, and the ability of the product to fulfill a need (demand).

In the end I chose Glow-Salt. I came up with the name for Glow-Salt by coming up with words to describe the product, evoke a feeling that one might have while using the product, etc. For example: salt, find, visibility, glide, glow in the dark.

Here is a final sketch of my product idea!


Here is a video of my product pitch!
Ellen Wall Video.mp4

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Nice work! I really like the glow salt. I think it would be really fun and make driving at night a lot easier. Apart from the logistics/environmental things, it's awesome! I would love to use glow in the dark salt. You would be able to see plows from so far away because all the salt in the back would be glowing!

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